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TSR Quittungen

In contrast to conventional receipt blocks input can be with the TSR receipts save and change if necessary, before printing, for example. With TSR receipts, you can create digital documents for your business or private needs. Is a difference to the traditional receipt blocks in paper form at TSR receipts is to be able to perform automatic input of data, such as, for example, the advertised numbers. The software of the TSR receipts automatically calculates gross and net amounts. The TSR receipts have different value added tax rates, call up depending on the demand in the online mode.

The TSR receipts also have an integrated database. In this database of the TSR receipts, you can save all receipts; for future reference, you may search old receipts and sorted filter for example by vintages. The program of the TSR receipts holds two different receipt templates. A template is intended for the private, the other for the operational area. So you can, if necessary, a good separation between private and business spending make visible. A collection of many folders that are filled with paper receipts, a thing of the past. The software on a standard DIN A4 sheet can accommodate up to sixteen receipts.

You can download easily and quickly here to the TSR receipts. Click on the appropriate download button and the TSR receipts will be you in your daily work a good help. The TSR receipts assist you in then your accumulated book leadership roles of your company.

Many interesting features in the new TSR even devices

• Post documents quickly and easily.
• Enter the VAT and profit.
• Perform bookings online.
Create customer documents.
• TSR programs.
• Different VAT rates.

The application of the TSR receipts

The required capacity of the program is only 878 KB. Thus, a usage option is available on almost all computers. As the operating system you need Windows 98, ME, NT XP or the current Windows Vista, 2000. Computer-interested people want to know what lies behind the abbreviation TSR. This comes from the so-called DOS environment, and is available as a synonym for "terminate and stay resident". This concept has been developed as a precursor to later multitasking applications. Thus, it is possible to certain tasks, such as for example a date display, clock, or system services, permanently running as a background process.

Description of the version: TSR Quittungen

With TSR, you gain a tool that eliminates the need for receipts in the form of paper receipts. Gross and net amounts are automatically calculated and filled in the fields. Issued with the version 3.2 the amount in figures and in words, and you're always readable receipts with TSR created documents. For the expression 2 templates available and fit up to 16 receipts on a DIN-A4 page.

Features of TSR receipts in version 3.2

• Software for creating receipts
• Automatic calculation of gross and amounts
• Output of the sum of numbers as words
• 2 Templates for printing

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