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Who wants to be sure that their data are protected, need TrueCrypt.



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At the present time, no backup system is safe from hobby hackers to protect enough himself, which make the home PC. TrueCrypt sets up an end and protects sensitive data from each.

In our Internet time is expertise access to files of third parties provided not more difficult. Not much is needed to get on the PC of a standard user, and even the servers of large companies represent for experienced no major problems. Every now and then would be prevented, that the own partner gets access to certain files. You can allow access only to those with TrueCrypt on your files, where you give your password.

You've got data on your PC, which should not necessarily see any security. Many know basic ways on how you can protect them. Firewalls, virus scanners, to encrypt its data and files, etc. do not many and disclose so usually your complete privacy. The program TrueCrypt is quite easy to use and lets you encrypt the selected files fairly quickly. However, depending on the type of encryption, it may take a while. But you can encrypt the files on your hard drive, but also a whole USB-stick or you install Windows and encrypt it so that the second installation is no longer visible to others. You can use the encryption later even if TrueCrypt if is not installed on the computer. Simply enter the password and you got access again on your data.

To use TrueCrypt on German, programmers on their pages offer an additional file, which is quickly implemented and provides the software in German.

Description of the version: TrueCrypt

Some improvements are included in the current version of TrueCrypt. Fixed an issue with a third-party disk drivers. Added hardware-accelerated AES to secure your data faster. Partitioned areas can now, whether 4096, 2048 or 1024 byte sector size on disk will be created. There is now a favourite choice for folders and certain drives, so that you can quickly find your data and encrypt or decrypt can.

Innovations and improvements in TrueCrypt

• Partitioned can be stored independently the size of sector areas.
• Hardware-accelerated AES has been added
• A selection of Favorites has been added to the program
• Fixed an issue with disk drivers

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