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True X-mouse Gizmo is useful for those who need to constantly copy data and paste.



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True X-Mouse Gizmo

The work on the computer has become quite commonplace for you and many other people. You'll can imagine certainly difficult to have to abandon all your great software applications and want to work with them as quickly and effectively as possible. But there are some steps which you must always perform when dealing with the computer and often much time or can be slightly annoying. These tasks include the famous copy & paste, the copy and paste. No matter whether you're working in a text application in the browser or in your E-Mail program: all the time data must be copied and pasted. Therefore a tool would be great, which facilitates this annoying task one: and true X-mouse Gizmo is just a tool. With true X-mouse Gizmo is the copy and paste easily fall friends so as never before, and you'll save actually valuable time. Let's convince you how helpful this program can be. True X-mouse Gizmo is tiny and can be installed quickly. So just once try it and it here download, by clicking on the download button.

True X-mouse Gizmo allows you to copy and paste without previous access of the context menu. With true X-mouse Gizmo it is for you now, to copy texts by simple marking. You will be amazed how much this small change can save time.

True X-mouse Gizmo is universally applicable and independent of the used program. If you once installed true X-mouse Gizmo, it works with all applications, that you have installed on your system. To you after you select worry more about do, whether the data is actually in the Clipboard: all data are available for you at any time and can be inserted immediately with one click with true X-mouse gizmo.

Other features of true X-mouse Gizmo:

• Insert with middle mouse button
• Automatic keyboard focus
• Automatic copying to the Clipboard
• Starts together with Windows
• Insert at the cursor position
• Right mouse button free for other functions

The developer of true X-mouse Gizmo

The small copy & paste helpers true X-mouse Gizmo is provided by its developer since 2006 available and has saved many users so some extra mouse click. True X-mouse Gizmo is free and is distributed under a free license. You can do this great program under all insert your Windows operating system (Win98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista/7).

Description of the version: True X-Mouse Gizmo

The current version of true X-mouse Gizmo enables you to copy text without context menu. Therefore you don't need to press a combination of keys or mouse to the menu. Just highlight the text and with true X-mouse Gizmo is it automatically copied to the Clipboard. It requires no installation to the current version, but must be started only from you.

Features of the current version of true X-mouse Gizmo 1.4

• Copy without the call of a context menu.
• Control via the middle mouse button.
• Copied text must be added only before the function can be used again.

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