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The drinking reminders ensures regular hydration. The drinking amount can be adjusted.



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Most people drink too little. Concentration and attention are suffering. Dehydration can affect not only the performance, but increase also head and back pain, high blood pressure and kidney disease, or cause. With the drinking reminders, you can prevent chronic dehydration. And what many forget: even the skin needs water. Regular hydration with the drinking reminders is an ideal anti-aging strategy.

The drink reminder is a free program that provides for regular water supply. The drink reminder – freeware is easy to use and easy to install. With a slider, you can adjust the amount of water you want to drink a day on the drinking reminders. Up to two and a half litres of water are ideal. If your needs because the heat is higher or you doing sport on this day, you can set but also a higher amount of the drinking reminders - up to four litres in total.

When you have determined the amount of the drink reminder, you can decide in which period you want to drink it. The drinking reminders allows you maximum over a period of 12 hours distributed to you to take them. The drinking amount also depends on the size of the glass. You can set individually but to the drinking reminders. Glass sizes, consisting of between 0.10 to 0.40 liter, are possible. Now you have to activate only the sound in the drinking reminders. The drink reminder sends a signal you then periodically to remind you of the glass of water.

Functions of the drink reminder

• Regularly drink - with the drinking reminders
• Decide how much you want to drink a day
• Choose the period in which you want to drink the glasses
• Set your desired size of glass
• Drink regularly and enough
• Activate the sound in order to remember the drinking

The company behind the program

The drink reminder is a program of the Bad Liebenwerda mineral springs. They supplied water to Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Thuringia and has a total of nine mineral water wells. In the 1950s there was a bottling plant in the town: the VEB drinks Bad Liebenwerda. After the turn of the new mineral wells built 1990 then the new company founded and in 1991, one of the most modern. Originally, the company had 46 employees, now there are 210 employees. You belongs to the Rhön bubble group and offers 46 ranges. Rhön bubble has six members and belongs to the top ten of the mineral water industry. 2005 the production of Bad Liebenwerda was 205 million bottles mineral springs. The Executive Board of the Bad Liebenwerda Horst Kuhl holds mineral springs, Ingolf Hänßgen Sales Manager.

Description of the version: Trink-Erinnerer

The drinking reminders helps you not to forget the vital drinking. He reminds you of drinking on a regular basis and thus contributes to a small part of healthy living in everyday life. Have you downloaded the drinking reminders you, you set how much fluid you want to take in a certain time to you and how much is your used glass. Once you have set the "alarm mode", you can start the program.

Regular drinking for a healthy life

• The following operating systems required: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP.
• File size 1.6 MB.
• Regular memory of drinking.
• Individual settings possible.

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