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Trillian Astra is a tool which combines the functions of multiple communication programs.



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Trillian Astra

Traditional ways of communication are moving increasingly to the Internet - telephony, letters and telegrams are replaced increasingly by email and videoconferencing via webcam. Trillian Astra combines the functions of different Messenger programs.

If you want to make phone calls over the Internet, you use usually another program as the retrieval of your E-Mail messages. Between all programs and addresses and a very strenuous affair may be to jump here. As well, that there is now the tool Trillian Astra, which combines all important Messenger functions and means of communication. The program builds a bridge between ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, Jabber, IRC or Skype, also including social network platforms such as MySpace, Twitter and Facebook are supported. In addition, Trillian Astra detects conventional E-Mail accounts that can manage it.

Any chat program and every Messenger works with a different protocol, which must be installed on the computer when using. Trillian Astra has integrated all the common protocols and brings together many functions resource - and stress-saving in a program. In addition, the Trillian Astra offers a very clear and high-quality optical interface, with which you will enjoy working.

In addition to the variety of available protocols, the Messenger tool has many other features that offers every means of communication-applet. For example, you can log chats, and the program brings independently always up to date, so that newly developed Messenger Tools and chat logs are taken into account. Many contact options were included in the program, which you can use as easy for otherwise hardly another tool. Therefore, use modern communications via the Internet and download Trillian Astra!

Description of the version: Trillian Astra

The latest version of Messenger ALLROUNDER Trillian Astra 4.2 has been greatly improved in some points and now has a much higher compatibility with Windows applications. So it is available now for Windows Live and offers an improved history function. In addition, bugs from previous versions and added more chat logs to the portfolio of practical tools so that you can use even more Messenger - and communication programs in the Trillian Astra easily and conveniently.

The most important changes in version of Trillian Astra 4.2

• New features and EInstellungsmöglichkeiten for video chats and other communication channels
• More logs for a better compatibility
• Culled bugs from previous versions
• Improved appearance of the Messenger Tools

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