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Trials 2 Second Edition offers you a motorcycle simulation with a realistic effect.



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Trials 2 Second Edition is a very realistic and realistic simulation of a motorcycle racing game. You need to at trials at second edition really breakneck driveways cope 2 and crazy obstacles. Already on the first lines of this indoor course 2 brings you trials Second Edition on more than 20 feet high ramps and burning tires. You've got trials 2 Second Edition by using the keyboard and move your bike through the grounds of the Hall.

What is special about trials 2 Second Edition is that here accidents very realistically simulate. As a driver you suffer for trials 2 Second Edition bone fractures and similar injuries. Deaths are not excluded and included in the rating as well, as successfully completed maneuvers. If you want to repeat a sequence, you have to only the BACKSPACE key in trials 2 second edition press, and the program takes you back at the last checkpoint. If your current trials Edition 2 second game time has elapsed, you displayed your rating and the leaderboard.

Trials 2 Second Edition is available as a demo version on the Internet for downloading. To trials 2 Second Edition install, press only the button "Download". Then you follow the instructions on the screen. The demo version is free, but only limited features. So only the beginner levels available to stand in this demo version of the program. You can purchase the full version of this game developed formerly as a browser game. This has the graphical representation of the program but has also markedly improved and more to the browser games is no comparison. Fade effects, real time shadows and depth of field make the race a true pleasure. There has also been some dynamic courses, and at the obstacles is also been made.

Functions of trials 2 Second Edition

• New Hall course
• Difficult ramps and new obstacles
• Dynamic courses
• Realistic graphics
• Transition effects, depth of field, and real time shadows
• Free demo version with limited function

System requirements

Trials 2 Second Edition is designed for the Windows operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The minimum requirements that your system should meet are a clocking at 1.5 GHz (recommended 1.8 GHz), a 256 MB (recommended 512 MB) RAM, a video card with 128 MB (recommended 256 MB), space 220 MB and install DirectX 9.0.

Description of the version: Trials

Trials 2 Second Edition offers an even higher graphics and an improved game mode than the old trial games. Due to the impressive effects such as depth, ambient occlusion, and pixel-based Echtzeitbeleutung, you have the feeling to participate live in the motorcycle racing! With the new version, you can compete against your friends and fight for a place in the global high score list you. Then you can analyze together the races of high-score lists in the online repeat and learn the tricks of the pros!

The benefits of trials 2 Second Edition at a glance

• impressive graphics and new game modes
• Effects such as depth, ambient occlusion, and real time lighting
• Competition in multiplayer mode
• global high score list
• Online repetitions of all high score race

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