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Trendpoker 3D is a gripping designed computer game that offers great fun at poker.



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Trendpoker 3D

Trendpoker 3D is the addicting pastime for all poker lovers, who would also like to pursue their game fun from the local computer. Trendpoker 3D program, you can play in a realistic way with other players or computer-controlled competitors the game chips. The speech and the animated interface, you will experience an exciting and authentic atmosphere for Trendpoker 3D. Thus, Trendpoker 3D offers you all the prerequisites for an evening game. Well, you can train your playful skills with Trendpoker 3D if your poker friends just don't have time for a game. In the Internet you can find any like-minded people who challenge you.

The software trend Poker 3D to simulate a real game where the cards to all players are divided at a poker table. The round of Poker starts picking the moves with your mouse using the buttons. If you have no poker experience and don't know the rules of the game, you may have lead you step by step in the game of poker with the tutorial. You then well equipped for your next poker tournament for Trendpoker 3D. Depending on your individual skills, you can practice first with an easy computer opponent and gradually increase the difficulty level. If you trust you more, just competing against the cunning professional players in the Internet and show them your skills. You should still not right out of the tournament winners emerge, as it means no real loss, because you have to use real money for Trendpoker 3D. It is played with virtual currency, which is available in full at the start of each new game.

You enjoy by Trendpoker 3D now free download and start immediately, to compete with your opponent through clever bluffs. Simply start the download by clicking on the button.

Trendpoker 3D provides these additional features:

• Poker tournaments with up to 160 players possible.
• Multiple game variants.
• 3D animated game surface with sound output.
• Play via the Internet or a network.
• Nine different poker rooms.
• No additional hardware.

Interesting background information about Trendpoker 3D

The poker software was published in 2008 by the game developer BUFOproject. Trendpoker 3D is available in the current patch 1.9 and is offered in the trial as well as in an extended full version. Minimal system requirements are needed for the installation. The software can be played with an operating system Microsoft Windows 98.

Description of the version: Trendpoker 3D

Trendpoker 3D - Texas hold'em poker is you as a new free trial and paid full version available. Trendpoker 3D 1.9 is an advanced game of poker for beginners as well as advanced. The 1.9 patch can be installed on any older version. The patch has a size of 6079 kB. A single-player mode for playing against the computer, and the tournament, in which you can play against your friends with improved 3D-animiertem gaming environment available options you among other things.

The current Trendpoker 3D-version 1.9

• free download of the new version 1.9
• 3D graphics for a more realistic gaming experience
• The demo version file size: 19.79 MB
• Patch 1.9 to any version can be installed

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