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The driver Studio is a program for the inspection and management of existing drivers.



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Treiber-Studio 2010

The driver Studio 2010 periodically checks your installed devices drivers and updates. They are always up to date and you have a good overview over your existing installations.

The driver Studio 2010 program gives you any more problems, to keep all your drivers always up to date. The program scans your entire PC for installed components, and the necessary updates to the driver of your device then regularly performed with the help of the data found. You can find all drivers driver Studio 2010 found under the tab with the designation of "Device drivers" or "Chipset drivers". Here you can download also the latest updates. Also, you will receive many system information under this menu point.

When you start the first time after the download driver Studio 2010, an online hardware profile for you is automatically created. You can access this profile at any time. This is especially useful when you install your system, for example, new. The "Unknown devices" tab contains all devices that support currently doesn't update support. These devices are checked again at the regularly scheduled hardware analysis. The user interface of the program is very easy. The existing tab located on the right side, right next to it, the devices found are then listed. Has found the program updates for the drivers, these are also shown in a list. The menu item of system devices offers an additional feature. Here you can get information about your installed devices and can find out, for example the name of your processor.

The driver Studio 2010 has a file size 1.3 MB and is suitable for the operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Description of the version: Treiber-Studio 2010

The current version of M049_get_diagnosis driver Studio 2010 offers a redesigned interface. A particularly practical feature is the automatic arrangement of updates after device classification and manufacturer. So you have a better overview of the programs. With the additional information such as file size, file name, version, and date of the last update you will find fast all the data that you're looking for. The driver Studio 2010 provides a clear structure through the various topics.

Features of the current version of driver Studio 2010

• Clear structure for a more efficient way of working
• Automatic validation of existing downloads
• Use the original updates of Web pages
• Retrieval of additional information is possible

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