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TreeSize free helps you to find out where you can save storage space.



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TreeSize Free

When running out of disk space on your computer, it's time to consult a reliable Manager: TreeSize free is a free tool that shows you where exactly you're wasting disk space.

Eventually it comes almost inevitably, that is on your computer: which space is scarce and that, even though you think it still did not fully utilised to have. You're probably even right: in many cases unwittingly wasted valuable disk space and can thus no longer fully exploited. At this point, TreeSize free comes into play. The free disk space Manager reliably shows you where you can save space. The useful tool called simply via the right-click context menu of a folder or drive and then represents the total directory size including all existing subdirectories. A menu that is similar to the Explorer in the building, then displays you, where you could - save a great help for everyday PC space, because a to full memory can eventually affect the performance of your computer.

TreeSize free is you free as a download to the have UNF. Do you rely on a greater variety of functions, you have also the option to download the Pro version of the software to you. This is also available in a 21-day free trial. For TreeSize free (not older than Windows XP) earn a free space of at least 3 MB on your hard drive and a relatively new Windows operating system. Right after downloading and installing it can go - you will wonder how much hard disk space again is you provided, if you once really cleared up using TreeSize free.

Description of the version: TreeSize Free

Now you can find out even more quickly and more effectively, where you're wasting space on your hard drive, you could better use: the helpful tool TreeSize free shows in a still clearer menu directory and drive sizes you and indicating at the same time you where you can save space. The operation of free software has been improved once again and is therefore suitable for beginners to the computer easy to use - a true enrichment for your PC everyday.

The improved TreeSize free at a glance:

• Still more precise and clearer representation of wasted disk space
• Great free addition to your PC life
• Improved user interface: easy to use even for beginners

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