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TraXEx is deleting a security program that removes traces of Internet visits.



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TraXEx is easy to operate even by beginners. The user interface is adapted and very clearly the interface of Windows Vista. It explains so to speak by itself. And if you have questions about TraXEx, but you can find the answers in the Help menu. As an Internet forum or the developer by E-mail or hotline help. You can run the delete function with a single click using TraXEx, enable the stealth function on request. Then, the deletion program in the surf in the background running invisible. Notice No one! TraXEx works with all popular browsers and deletes all temporary Internet files, session history, and cookies. You can adjust TraXEx that the deletion program deletes all traces automatically when the browser is closed. Then you have to worry no more. The delete is done completely, can be increased but still with the Schredderprogramm. Dragging a file to the shredder, this is really permanently deleted and almost can be restored.

The Internet traces extinguisher was that a recovery is not possible when testing the only program that so removes deleted messages from the Outlook program. TraXEx clears the list of last opened files from many programs. The practical TraXEx ensure plug-ins, of which there are almost 200. They can be downloaded for free. So delete the Plug-In "Microsoft Excel" for example all traces that leaves Excel. You want to delete all the entries in the route planner? This is easily possible. Deleting happens by the way, using different methods, ranging from fast overwriting of the file up to the professional standards of the deletion.

You can try out for 30 days the deletion program TraXEx before purchasing through a free download.

More TraXEx functions:

• Winner of six deletion programs
• delete mails from Outlook program
• Deletes duplicate files on your hard disk
• for beginners easy to use
• Security mechanisms warn before deleting main functions
• shreds files which are then permanently deleted

Prerequisites for TraXEx

A processor from Pentium 1.0 GHz is recommended. The memory you need 1,024 megabytes, while the space on your hard disk should include 6 megabytes. TraXEx runs on operating systems Windows XP and Vista. It can be installed on your hard drive, but also on a CD or a USB stick. To regularly use TraXEx, you can purchase single and multi-user licenses and updates.

Description of the version: TraXEx

The new version 3.3 of the programme TraXEx offers many improvements over the previous versions. Among others were greatly expanded the PlugIn Manager and introduced new controls and search fields, so that you can more easily work with TraXEx. In addition, there are the functions now share disk space, uninstall programs and fix system errors. You can now also specifically search for large, unused file packages that needlessly eat up disk space.

The most important innovations of TraXEx in version 3.3:

• New integrated search box for delete jobs
• Advanced plug-in management
• Cleaner design
• Three new features: uninstall programs, free disk space and system troubleshooting
• Compatible with all current browsers and Windows 7

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