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It is easy to create the ideal woman, at least on the computer, virtual dream wife.



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Almost every man has his dream wife. These products numerous, specific properties of being next to a particular appearance. Sure, you probably already noticed that there is often a big difference between reality and desire. With the program you can build you your ideal woman.

You you probably already thought did, what would be your dream girl. In addition to the body, but also inner values play a major role. Maybe you've even met her and did not even notice it.

A key characteristic of many women is to educate their partners or to make to their liking. In the first few weeks of being together, you certainly still tolerate, that if is herumgemäkelt around on your haircut or your circle of friends. At some point, but then do you get the point and realize that you're not yourself. Usually, this is the point where the relationship ends. But certainly, there for you the dream woman who likes you as you are.

At least now you have the opportunity with the fun program dream girl friends to put together your ideal woman. You simply create the perfect woman. You just give up the dream, hair color, type, and age and she will appear in 3D. According to your personal taste, you can choose the hair color: whether blond, Brown, black or red, the generator lets you spoilt for choice. If you like special types of women, then dream girl offers a small range, namely the fair-skinned, Asian, dark-skinned and colored type. Of course the age is essential. This give you last and by clicking on the button "Calculate" your themselves created woman on the monitor appears. You don't like your virtual artwork then you may update at any time there. To you just change the values. Almost no, limits your imagination and creativity as regards the hair color, character, age, and type of the woman. So, you can combine also types and hair colors that do not exist in reality. Types of Asian women have made such as by nature no red hair. It would be, but even for you interesting, determines to try such combinations. Outside, you can create you the woman of your dreams and so often see as you want. Maybe she met you in reality.

Description of the version: Traumfrau

It is possible to create it by entering the special data on the computer with the latest version of dream girl now. If you don't like, you can easily change the various data and update the 3D view. So, you have free choice in this version of the program, your wife should look like. As a result, you might find the type of woman who then also quite by chance met you on the street. Then the character traits, agree you've found your ideal woman.

System requirements and instructions for the software dream women

• Program to create your dream girl
• Author Steffen Hoffmann
• Operating system: Win 98, 2000, me, XP
• Storage: 15.8 Kbytes
• For all men who want to create their ideal woman is

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