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Often you end up a couple of programs that run only in a different language on Internet sites that offer no German translation or but you, on your PC. Transmiti can help you there and translated.

It often happens that one has a text on and doesn't understand it, because it was written in a different language. You could now of course cumbersome trying somehow to copy the text and paste it into the Google translation, however, there is also a good software solution called Transmiti in such cases. The little helpers the Google language tools brings you straight to your home on your PC.

Transmiti couldn't be easier in its application. You have a document before you or an application that displays a text in another language, you simply press on your Windows key and opens Transmiti and displays the translated text to you. So that it is even safer and more accurate meeting, you can select a default language or know the language but in Transmiti, where the software is also very accurate. A wholly owned translation of a linguistic people is of course not possible, however, the program is free, saves great detours through the browser and provides sufficient information for a first impression or a first insight. Even texts directly in a program are hardly a problem for the helper. The translation will be displayed in a new window and can be seen directly. Would you work on you can copy the whole thing directly in a Word file, in which you further customize the text and accordingly amend individual passages which were mistranslated. Transmiti is a great help in any case.

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Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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