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You can use trans bar without time limit, and the size makes it suitable for everyone.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013


If you want to give a homogeneous look like your screen background, the taskbar at the bottom of the screen is often annoying. You have the possibility to change the taskbar, so that your background image through it through seems TRANS bar. This little utility offers you the possibility to choose the level of transparency by using the integrated slider. If you click on the "Options" tab, you can set the slider by TRANS bar with the mouse to the desired intensity. In addition, you can set that trans bar should now be enabled at startup of the operating system with a check mark in the relevant place. When you have finished your settings, a simple click on the button "Apply" is sufficient, and TRANS bar changed the taskbar according to your ideas.

The program is available only in an English-language version. There but very few functions in TRANS bar, you can then easily interact with the program if there are no English language skills. The user interface is so simple that you can see the functions also by simple trial and error by TRANS bar. The transparency of the taskbar, your screen produces a completely different effect. TRANS bar removes the sharp contours of the taskbar like in paintings, whose motive will often continue beyond the picture frame, and turns your desktop into a harmonious whole. Through gradual TRANS bar adjustable transparency, you can make your taskbar visually almost invisible.

TRANS bar is available without temporal or functional limitations to the free download in the Internet. If you want to try, you like your screen through the use of trans bar can change, just click on the download button. In a matter of seconds this little program has been installed on your computer, and you can start to try the effect of a transparent taskbar. The download file size is so small that your system resources are not affected at all by this download.

The functions of trans bar

• stepless regulation
• 0-100% Transparency
• Auto start function
• Conversion without rebooting
• small download size
• free software

System requirements and download

TRANS bar you can use, if you use one of the following Windows operating systems: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 server or Windows Vista. The download file size is just 87 kilobytes, and is therefore absolutely negligible.

Description of the version: TransBar

TransBar is a small but useful tool, if you want a little spice up your desktop. The new version of the program offers you even more features to make your taskbar transparent. In addition, the bugs and errors of the previous versions have been corrected largely and there has been a new and appealing interface. Optimized programming of TransBar 1.4.2 version, the program runs faster and more safely.

The most important innovations of trans bar in the version 1.4.2

• improved gradation of degrees of transparency through the slider
• new, visually appealing interface
• Version also works in Vista and XP
• Bugs and errors of the previous versions largely fixed

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