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  • Windows 3.0

TrakAxPC offers a professional solution for editing video and audio files.



  • License: Shareware
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  • Updated: 28.02.2011


One of the highlights of TrakAxPC should be mentioned right at the beginning, and that is the direct upload of videos to YouTube. Here, you can choose between 3 upload formats so that your video in the desired quality on YouTube. For uploading you need not to leave TrakAxPC, but can first edit the video and upload directly from the application. And if you want to insert before a few texts in your video or accompany the film with music, so also with TrakAxPC thats no problem.

By the ease of use of TrakAxPC drag-and-drop, you can arrange the individual elements of your videos or your music so you want it. You need to be to achieve professional results with TrakAxPC no expert in cutting of films or music. The software is designed to enable a professional result even a novice. And that applies to both the video and the audio range, because you may have with features like beat matching seamlessly skip songs with different BPM (beats per minute). And with the Crossfading function of TrakAxPC, you can also seamlessly make the transitions from pictures, videos or music and allow a smooth transition.

All the features of TrakAxPC are supported with built-in video tutorials. If you so not sure what a function there is accurate, then the video call simply to and let it show you. TrakAxPC supports a variety of audio and video formats and allows you to mix these formats and to use at the same time. The graphical representation of the video or audio you can just select the needed and there place, where you need it. TrakAxPC best even try it out and download the software directly from our page about the download function. The freeware you unlocked all of the features of the Pro version automatically for 30 days!

Features of TrakAxPC:

• Audio and video editing
• Ease of use
• Direct video upload to YouTube
• Add text to your videos
• Freeware, 30 days feature set of the Pro version
• For Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

Wallpapers to TrakAxPC

TrakAxPC is a development of HighAndes limited. The company develops multimedia software with a professional feature set with an ease of use. A handful of experts with many years of experience in creating software solutions for the audio and video are the team behind HighAndes. Clear the developments focus on ease of use with high functionality.

Description of the version: TrakAxPC

The new version of the video - and Audioschnittprogrammes TrakAxPC offers many new features and an improved user interface. The program was revised in the new version and now also runs on the new Windows 7. Also bugs and errors of the previous versions have been fixed so that you have a powerful and safe running program with TrakAxPC in version 3.0, which you can use to adjust videos directly after processing on YouTube.

The most important innovations of TrakAxPC in version 3.0:

• Also runs on the new Windows 7
• Errors and bugs of the previous versions largely removed
• New features and controls

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