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Trailer: Ice age 4 can be no eye dry and will delight all ice age fans.



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Trailer: Ice Age 4

As a small foretaste of ice age 4 the ice have age-maker to the upcoming third sequel around Manny the mammoth, SID the sloth and Diego of the saber-toothed Tiger the trailer: ice age 4 published, of course again strained the funny bone.

Scrat and his friends are back--at least almost. The fourth part of the ice age film series comes only in the summer of 2012 in the German cinemas, but already over a year before the regular theatrical release you can give a first impression of the latest adventures of SID, Manny, Ellie, Diego and Scrat. One thing is certain, the small rodents has lost none of his wit, on the contrary!

In the trailer: ice age 4 you can watch Scrat, how he goes to his favorite pastime: hunting for his over all beloved hazelnut. That he by chance influenced the history of the world, evolution, and even the movement of the continental plates, is again typical of the small rodents. Of the actual story, there is nothing to see yet, what's not bothering. Already during the three preceding ice age films first little short films with Scrat were sent ahead to goad the hunger of the spectator. Not less successful also trailer: ice age 4, which immediately familiar ice-age feeling arises. Although it is a trailer of the fourth ice age adventure, it is also an independent short film, at the same time the title "Scrat's continental Crack-Up" is - as the name suggests, with Scrat in the lead role.

So you you the barely three-minute, English-language trailer: ice age 4 can attend, you will need a media player that can - play the M4V format such as Apple's QuickTime Player. The trailer is system-dependent, you can watch him so both Windows - and Mac - or be.

Description of the version: Trailer: Ice Age 4

The trailer: Ice enables over one year before the regular theatrical release, a first peek at the newest adventures of Scrat and his friends to throw you age 4. Get ready for a diaphragmatic attack, because on the hunt after his beloved hazelnut, the small rodents omits no mouth. You can play the trailer, you need an M4V-enabled media players - for example, QuickTime. The trailer: Ice age 4 has a length of 2:40 minutes and is in English language.

The specifics of the trailer: ice age 4

• Duration: 2:40 minutes
• A M4V compatible player is required
• The latest, unforgettable adventures of Scrat already one year before the regular theatrical release of ice age 4

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