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The trailer: Duke Nukem Forever let it RIP and show you that the Duke still on it!



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Trailer: Duke Nukem Forever

Believed dead live longer: the computer game Duke Nukem Forever became a legend, before it could ever be played. 1997 announced 14 years should pass before the game could finally see the light of the public. The crazy trailer: Duke Nukem Forever shows you whether it was worth the wait!

The Duke has it not easy. Actually, he wants to prove only that he still long for the old iron doesn't belong, the babes still lie in droves to feet - which he of course also gleefully exploited - and he knows like no other how to rivet to Monster itself during a bowel movement. You don't believe him? Then you watch the trailer: Duke Nukem Forever on this shrinkage trailer shows the Duke himself as a garden GNOME, where his hammer is and that you'd rather not should underestimate him!

The actual game Duke Nukem Forever will be modelled on the previous close and also place its emphasis on multiplayer action for up to eight players. Again, there is no shortage of explicit images, gaffes and sexist macho sayings - not to mention bloody non-stop action in all life situations and positions. Game modes are exciting titles such as capture the babe (capture the flag), hail to the King (King of the Hill) or Duke match (Deathmatch) to choose from - and you can be sure that the matches are carried out exactly as they sound. So anyone who expects a flag (flag) will have on the struggling girl who applies to hijack it, no joy. Everything politically incorrect, as it is for a right Duke heard and how the fans expect it--much like the trailer: Duke Nukem Forever.

The trailer: Duke Nukem Forever lasts 70 seconds, is in English and offers an impressive resolution of 1,920 x 788 pixels. To view the trailer, you will need a MP4 capable players, such as QuickTime. Nothing in the way stands the boozy fun!

Description of the version: Trailer: Duke Nukem Forever

The Duke is back - at least in the form of a new trailer. As if just a blink - and No 14 years - his last real adventures of Duke Nukem 3D would be passed, shoots, pöbelt and flirting is the Duke through the levels of Duke Nukem Forever and thus proves his stability. The trailer: Duke Nukem Forever lasts 70 seconds, is entirely in English, and comes in MP4 format with a 1920 x 788 pixels resolution. We recommend an MP4 compatible player like VLC or QuickTime.

This gives you the trailer: Duke Nukem Forever:

• Lots of blood, boobs and shooters
• Guaranteed no release of youth – the Duke remained true to himself
• 70 Seconds of concentrated action
• With a resolution of 1,920 x 788 pixels

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