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With Trafmeter, you keep getting an exact overview of the traffic in the network.



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The performance of networks should occasionally be subjected a closer examination. If you want to identify bottlenecks such as Internet access, Trafmeter is the right tool. This useful program determines not only the causes, it performs a detailed analysis for you. Trafmeter works with all common server types and to determine who uses the biggest share of the available bandwidth. The coordinate system with the Trafmeter represents the load you in several curves, is color coded and is displayed in real time. So by using the program at a glance, you can see which user caused just what volume of data flow.

The results identified Trafmeter when this investigation, are stored in a log file. You may have to show you so easily at any time also statistics of evaluations of Trafmeter tables. Trafmeter created the protocols either as a daily or monthly report. Of course, so the software can optimally to check the flow of data within your network and log, you must configure the menu according to your specifications. The user interface is but so easy to use that you will provide the configuration with no major problems. With Trafmeter, you gain a practical and easily applicable tool that can monitor the data flow within your entire network stable and reliable.

A trial version of Trafmeter to free download is available on the Internet. It is limited to 30 days, then a paid registration is required for any use of the program. After the payment, you will receive an unlock code, which entitles you to unlimited use of Trafmeter email. To download the trial version on your computer, you should now click on the download button. Then simply first follow the instructions on the screen. If the program is installed, if you call it and choose the tab "Menu". Here you can make the different parameters for you, Trafmeter can work properly.

The functions of Trafmeter

• Works with all major server types
• Represents the flow of data in real time
• Easy configuration
• Store the results in logs
• Protocol available in the day or month format
• Evaluation tables possible

System requirements and download

Trafmeter is designed for the Windows operating systems Windows 95, Windows 98 and 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows XP. It is also compatible with Windows 7. The trial version download size is 3.6 MB. In good time before the incidents use deadline you'll be prompted to register so that you can get the unlock code for the full version available for a fee.

Description of the version: TrafMeter

TrafMeter 10.2 is a revised version, which monitors the traffic in your network. New filters and tools make for easier operation and increase the performance of your TrafMeters. A menu that is easy to use, you configure your new software and the TrafMeter can immediately begin the monitoring. All data are shown so far, in real time. The presentation has a new face. You can now monitor your values in well-arranged charts.

New features of the TrafMeters 10.2 at a glance

• additional filters and tools
• multicolour graphics display
• URL filtering
• Presentation in real time
• Traffic report via XML
• for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008 and Windows 7

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