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With Trafficdetector, you sure keep the costs of your Internet connection in the handle.



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To have a comprehensible control over your Internet costs, the use of Trafficdetector is a good resource. This software gives you all the relevant information. Here, Trafficdetector logs the pages visited and the amount of data received. In addition, the program calculates monthly fees and free quantities packages. Thus the use of Trafficdetector gives you a really comprehensive cost control for all activities on the Internet.

If you have installed Trafficdetector, you get a breakdown of your Internet traffic. You can choose between the display in a narrow bar or the representation in different graphics. This Trafficdetector determines not only the data flow, but also the time you spend on the net each. Trafficdetector also offers a detailed overview of the monthly charges, any existing free packages, one time fee per connection or the price per minute for the main and auxiliary process time. In a matter of seconds, Trafficdetector your Internet costs calculated from these data. To adjust the settings on your personal conditions, a comfortable easy to use wizard's in Trafficdetector. You have the possibility to establish a specific cost limit per month. If you go over this limit, the automatic warning function in Trafficdetector will make immediate attention.

Trafficdetector can be easily adjusted on the properties of the volume rates of from different vendors. If you want to try the program, a free trial version available is available on the Internet. For 30 days you can test what does this program for you. If you now click on the download button, you can start the installation immediately. Follow the instructions on your screen, and enter the details of your current volume tariff provider after the starting of the program under "Settings".

The features of Trafficdetector

Cost control • comprehensive
• Determination of monthly rental charges
• Logging of the data flow
• Wizard to enter of the provider parameter
• good graphical representation
• free 30-day trial

System requirements and installation

Trafficdetector is suitable for use in the Windows operating systems Windows 98 and 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The free trial version has a duration of 30 days and is not restricted in its functions. With a download size of 2 megabytes, the storage capacity of your hard drive will not be charged. During the installation, you have to enter the relevant information to your currently used volume tariff. An installation wizard is help to you.

Description of the version: Trafficdetector

The current version of the Trafficdetectors can come up with significantly revised innovations certainly interested, if you have a flatrate connection as the Internet connection. A so-called package of amounts for the use of the Internet, you get clear and excellently structured shown now with this software and also will be realized in a graphical visualization costs you. Through an optimized logging of downloaded data quantities of a visited Web site, you can check specifically required fees.

The most important innovations of the new version of the Trafficdetector

• Representation of all relevant information for the control of costs.
• Visualization of data traffic through vivid graphics.
• Consideration of Freitraffic and other contractual provisions.

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