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TotalEdit Pro

There are text editors such as sand on the sea. They are either free of charge, but this is fairly Spartan and only properly equipped, or they border on professional programming kits for professionals and are correspondingly complex and cumbersome. TotalEdit Pro brings both under a hat. On the one hand, a simple and easy to learn user interface offers you TotalEdit Pro, on the other hand a power pack pocket with muscles and all-rounder hiding beneath the surface. TotalEdit Pro, the claims are covered by Web page programmers, journalists, Office workers, as well as software developers.

TotalEdit Pro offers all basic functions that you would expect from a modern text editor these days, a variety of tools specifically adapted to the Web and Softwareprogrammier needs. TotalEdit Pro, for example, has a search - and -replace function, compares freeware files and stores independently written source. TotalEdit Pro can simultaneously edit multiple window via tabs between the projects and toggle the. TotalEdit Pro can connect to FTP and SSH servers, and thus can be used as a complete HTML editor.

TotalEdit Pro supports the text encodings in UTF-8, ANSI, Unicode, MAC and UNIX. In addition, the text editor is the programming languages C, C++, PHP, Java, HTML, JSP, ASP, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby, Python, Pascal and SQL. TotalEdit Pro for XP Windows systems is available, you should be curious Vista and Windows 7 in the amount of practical functions, then the trial version download today via the appropriate download button down. The shareware version is available without restriction for 30 days.

What offers about TotalEdit Pro:

• Extensive functions for Texverarbeitung, Web pages and software programming.
• Supports UTF-8, ANSI, Unicode, MAC, and UNIX.
TotalEdit Pro understands C, C++, PHP, Java, HTML, JSP, ASP, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby, Python, Pascal and SQL.
• Has an auto-completion feature specifically for HTML code.
• Including FTP and SSH support.
• For Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

The developers of TotalEdit Pro

TotalEdit Pro is developed by Codertools and sold. The two-man company was launched in 2003 in life and devoted himself to the development of free and commercial text editors. The developers extend and steadily improving its software range and thus guarantee the topicality of their applications. Recently, the company also focuses on the mobile market and developed for Apple's iPhone and Google's Android.

Description of the version: TotalEdit Pro

The new version of TotalEdit Pro offers some innovations in the field of the FTP connection, which simplify working with FTP servers for you. An important aspect of security is a demand for you, if the fingerprint matches not the one stored on the server. Thus, you can decide how then should be proceed. You can also select multiple files for upload or download, and parallel transfer.

Features of the new version 5.5 of TotalEdit Pro

• Several improvements in the area of FTP connections
• Demand for not matching fingerprint
• Can multiple files for uploading or downloading will be selected and parallel transfer

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