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Totalcopy is a tool for secure and fast copying files under Windows.



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Main function of Totalcopy is controlling the copying process. Each copy operation can be interrupted this manually by you as a user or automatically by the system. And he can not only be interrupted, but also continue exactly at the point. In addition to a break through you, Totalcopy can also automatically interrupt the copy operation. This can be for example the loss of a network connection or a power outage. What previously was a disaster with loss of data, is no longer a problem thanks to Totalcopy.

Even if too little space on the destination drive, the copy operation is automatically interrupted by Totalcopy. Each copy is so safe and can no longer lead to data loss. In addition to the safety and the ability at any time to stop the copying process with Totalcopy and to continue, you can set yourself the copy speed with the program. By decreasing the speed, you can make free system resources and make available for other processes. Thus, you can normally continue also during a running with Totalcopy copying and other tasks.

During the copying process additional information are displayed here. In addition to the copy speed and the remaining volume of data you get a status bar with the completed percentage of the copy operation. In addition, the program is faster than the normal Windows copy function. On your local system, it is about 10%, with which Totalcopy copied faster over a network connection, and approximately 1%. That sounds not much, makes for large amounts of data but quite a difference. And through the increased flexibility you can stop at any time the copy operation, when other actions should be made and have priority. Totalcopy is an additional function and replaced the actual Windows copy function. Thus, you have always the choice which function you want to use. But, you can assume that you want to use always Totalcopy. Try the program best yourself. You can do it you about our download feature right here from our site download.

Features of Totalcopy:

• Copy program
• Copying can be stopped and resumed
• Automatic stop for all errors
• Speed adjustable
• Freeware
• for Windows 98/2000/NT/XP

Background information on Totalcopy

Totalcopy is a private development, and is offered as freeware.

Description of the version: TotalCopy

The latest version of TotalCopy allows even faster and more effective copy your data. The tool expands the Windows copy function to some great features: you can now keep your copy operations and continue at a later date. Also for crash of your PC now automatically resumes copying at a new start. The tool can be activated simply by right-clicking and offers a fantastic addition to the usual Windows copy.

The latest version of TotalCopy at a glance

• Still copy files faster and easier
• Copy operations can stop and resume later
• Simple switch on the tool by right-clicking

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