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With total uninstall, you can remove software, and uninstall fully and completely.



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  • Updated: 24.05.2011

Total Uninstall

With the program, you have total uninstall all your hard disk changes during an installation at a glance. You can delete unneeded software, which is also played on immediately and completely.

When you delete software programs remains on the hard drive often remain back, what the computer time to work slower and more cumbersome. Total uninstall is a software that monitors the reinstallation of programs and carries out also real uninstallations. Deleting a program is done completely with total uninstall. The software leaves no unwanted residues and thus ensures a clean uninstall.

When you install new programs, controls total uninstall any change and know from the outset what data and entries belong to which software. The downloaded program to be uninstalled at some point, total uninstall draws on this knowledge and deletes all data associated with the software. The program also detects spyware, unwanted toolbars, advertising and pests, which by the way want to get stuck in your program files, and prevents this. Before and after an installation is total uninstall a screenshot for you and shows you what changes has brought about the installation. Changes in the program files and the registry are taken into account.

Is to test total uninstall shareware free for 30 days, then will be charged for the full version. With a download, you take care of real order on your hard drive and give free unnecessarily occupied disk space. Monitor the play of new programs and let only the installations that you really want. Total uninstall increases efficiency and overview of your computer.

Description of the version: Total Uninstall

Total uninstall has been further optimized in the version 5.9.2. There were some translations revised and added more languages. In addition, the program includes now automatic data backup and the restore of user settings, which can be lost during a computer crash. Installed software can be summed up in user-defined groups. Total uninstall generally improved, with potential bugs have been fixed from the outset.

New functions for total uninstall 5.9.2

• Complete uninstall programs
• Monitor installation operations
• Recognition of spyware and other pests
• Display of changes via screenshot
• Increase the capacity of the computer

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