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  • Windows 8.5 Beta 12 | 7.56a

Total Commander is a very comprehensive, while at the same time comfortable file manager for Windows.



  • License: Shareware
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  • Updated: 06.12.2013

Total Commander

Accessed archive files with total Commander with completely transparent, which means that you can navigate within an archive as in a subdirectory. A direct copy or in the archive Commander is also possible with a total so you can extract easily only parts of an archive. On your own in the background of running thread you can pack comfortably large archives here. It works for total Commander with the integrated packer or Packers, the you himself about plug-in the can embed. Total Commander supports the formats of all common compression tools.

The General characteristics of total Commander, you can download by clicking on the download button here from our site, need it behind the Windows Explorer not to hide. It is available in a 16 - bit and a 32-bit version and supports the use of long file names. You have direct access to your network environment and through drag -and-drop, you can move the files or whole directories with total Commander. From a command line you can execute programs directly by typing the program name. You can freely configure the main menu, the button bar and the start menu and all files can be displayed with the total Commander directly as text. Still, the program has a bitmap Viewer, more formats you can show about IrfanView.

New in the current version of total Commander is working with two adjacent file Windows, which make direct comparisons even easier for you. The search was extended to include a powerful full-text search and works now also within archive files and multiple drives. The contents of the files can be compared with each other and also on two computers that can be connected with a cable. Also search is useful to duplicate files, so you can identify twice occupied space with total Commander and release.

Some features of total Commander:

• File Manager for Windows
• Packing and unpacking files
• Access to FTP server
• Comparison of file contents
• 32 Bit version for Windows from Win 95 including Windows Server
• 16 Bit version for Windows 3.11

Background information on total Commander

Total Commander is a tool that is for many years on the market, by Ghisler Software GmbH of Switzerland developed was, and is. The software is available in different languages and is currently offered in a new version which again contains a variety of new features.

Description of the version: Total Commander

With total Commander, an effective and clear alternative available suits you to manage your files. In addition to the clearly arranged user interface, numerous tools in the program are integrated such as viewing files in subdirectories on a single surface and its collaborative editing. The latest version comes with numerous bug fixes, which makes it fit the program for the latest operating systems.

The new features of total Commander, version 7 55a

• Problems with the use of control + V was under Windows Vista and Windows 7 x 64 were fixed.
• Custom sounds work now also on Windows XP x 64.
• Other numerous bug fixes.

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