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No more tapping Arias - the Tor Vidalia bundle prevents sniffing out your traces.



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Tor Vidalia Bundle

Version 1.0 Beta 1 of the Sunbirds of the Mozilla Foundation is the latest (and probably final) version of the online organizer. As a stand-alone program, the Sunbird offers various management options for appointments and tasks. So you can optimize your personal time management. Although it is based on the Mozilla Calendar, the freeware version of the Sunbirds is an independent stand alone program. It runs on all current Windows and Linux operating systems as well as on Mac OS.

• Clear representations and user friendly interface
• Intuitive functions
• Appropriate entry options
• Practical divisions in days, weeks, and months
• Alarm option as a reminder for important dates

Description of the version: Tor Vidalia Bundle

The Tor Vidalia bundle many features in its latest version for you. Various programs are included in the overall package. Starting with gate, which meets the purpose and leads you through the onion servers to anonymize your tracks. Also where is the Vidalia software, which is used as a control center for gate. Principle to use then the entire gate Polipo to your Internet speed for a piece far to rise. And on top of it there is a button for your Firefox browser with which you gate off and can turn.

Features and advances in the Tor Vidalia bundle

• Several programs that encrypt your daily Internet needs
• Gate sends you through onion-server, so that you "can be heard from"
• Polipo serves as a small Internet Turbo
• Vidalia is the adjustment for gate

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