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The Tor Browser Bundle lets you easy anonymous surfing on the Internet.



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You can now completely anonymously surf the Internet with the Tor Browser Bundle. The software will allow you to cover your tracks on the Internet effectively and to protect to your identity and personal information.

You are certainly much in the Internet on the move, visiting Web sites, buy and utilises a range of services. So you here unnecessarily giving personal information and your identity in the future, the Tor Browser Bundle offers anonymous surfing from your computer. In the future you need worry more collect, any thoughts to cookies and similar programs, the data about you. Also based on your IP address, any conclusions regarding your person are possible: with the Tor Browser Bundle you can surf now on the Internet, without leaving traces.

The Tor Browser Bundle works together with the freeware browser Mozilla Firefox. If you already have used this in the past, is the change to the new browser easily fall friends especially. The software uses all the benefits you are used by the Firefox browser and adds this to the function of anonymous surfing. It is also particularly interesting run this program directly from a USB flash drive. You traces even less, because you no longer need to install the browser. Also you can insert the USB flash drive on any computer.

The developers of Tor Browser Bundle
The practical browser tool Tor browser-package for anonymous surfing on the Internet is available for you as a completely free download available. The Tor Browser Bundle is developed by the programmers of the free haven project, who have created one of the most useful Add-Ons for the Firefox browser with its many years of experience in software development with Tor Browser Bundle.

Description of the version: Tor-Browser-Paket

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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