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TOPOWIN offers topographic information, performs coordinate transformations, and research.



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You can select the graphical views suitable for you from throughout the country. The program TOPOWIN performs various coordinate transformations and research and is especially useful if you're working in an engineering or planning Office. If you need to run a project and for topographic maps, you can calculate this in different scales in TOPOWIN.

For this purpose you need to simply enter the known criteria in a data window, select an appropriate map for an overview chart or from one of the many lists sorted. You can locate data by place names, coordinates or also municipality keys, journal names and sheet numbers. After entering the data, calculated TOPOWIN your required information and performs coordinate transformations. Then the program provides the information in separate, graphically prepared Windows available. You can also print the graphs. TOPOWIN can also also the most important on the cards determine the location and places you and place parts map to the political units of a federal State or district. The program is also suitable for the direct input of parameters. If you want to determine topographical data a village TOPOWIN provides you with a data bank with over 105,000 villages and residential areas.

You can use the program TOPOWIN also for processing tax files for data determination. If you want to create a control file, you can do this with the editors containing in TOPOWIN. This works with almost all word processing programs. Another positive aspect for TOPOWIN, is the ability of the network. The client installation is done automatically. TOPOWIN uses Gauß Krüger-coordinates, geographical coordinates and UTM coordinates and display coordinates according to NATO standards.

Other features of TOPOWIN

• Supports Windows Terminal Server
• Program with new CHM Help system for Windows 7
• New addresses of the card suppliers
• Approximately 3500 parts added
• District municipal reform in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt has been adapted
• Data update from 01.01.2010

Background information on the programme TOPOWIN

The program was developed by the participation of many land survey authorities. The first version was called TOPO and was available only for DOS. TOPO later transformed into TOPOWIN. Topographic information are collected by the program for evaluating data.

Description of the version: TOPOWIN

In the latest version of TOPOWIN is the updated data as from 01.01.2010 available, which takes into account the district municipal reform of Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony. Also the record added to 3,500 parts gives you a better overview. The new CHM Help system the program is also compatible with Windows 7 and the updated addresses of suppliers of cards for you are available for ordering tickets.

TOPOWIN 11.00 offers the following additions in the new version:

• Current data as of 01.01.2010
• Runs on Windows 7 with the CHM Help system
• Supplement to 3,500 parts
• Revised addresses of card suppliers and renewed
• District municipal reform in Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony account

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