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House real characters trick air with Toon Boom Studio and try yourself as a filmmaker.



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Toon Boom Studio

The list of movies and series that were produced with programs from the Toon Boom Studio family can be more than just. Toon Boom is used particularly in the United States with some very successful television and cinema productions. Toon Boom Studio is the little brother of the big and professional Toon Boom animate Pro, but even the small version provides powerful tools which can be limited only by your own imagination.

Toon Boom Studio combines with the latest digital animation techniques and an advanced user interface that almost effortlessly work with Toon Boom Studio and the adaptation makes traditional tools and 2D-Kenntnisse. Toon Boom Studio supports both vector and bitmap graphics and can also deal with video and audio material. You has full control over the imported material and can change this in detail or customize. A real-time display shows you the final image while editing, and gives you a direct control of their own work in this way. In addition, Toon Boom Studio has a 3D-Kamerafunktion that allows you to get more depth from your 2D animation. You can make Studio also edit your movie directly in Toon Boom, where you put on by using the supplied audio editor sound tracks and shuffle off. You can then render and export QuickTime or Flash movie the finished film.

The demo version of Toon Boom Studio offers you 30 days unlimited insight into the world of the character tricks. It is available for Windows XP/7, as well as for Mac OSX. You should get pleasure have to dive into the world of animation, then download the trial version of Toon Boom Studio on the relevant download button on this page down.

Toon Boom Studio in the overview:

• Professional tool of brand Disney and Pixar.
• Full control from the first stroke to the last note.
• Clear user interface.
• State of the art digital techniques and proven animation tools.
• Supports vector and bitmap graphics, as well as various audio and video formats.
• For Windows XP, 7 and Mac OSX.

The developers of Toon Boom Studio

The 2D-Animationsprogramm Toon Boom Studio was developed by the 1994 based software forge Toon Boom Animation Inc. from Canada. For their progressive and successful range of software, exclusively dedicated to creating animations for film, television, video games and Internet, the company was awarded in 2005 a technology Emmy.

Description of the version: Toon Boom Studio

In the latest version of the animation program Toon Boom Studio a new effect layer added, with which you can make Knochenlayer, that make easier the segment and the animation. Transitions of vectors and transformations of bitmap textures were also added. A real time preview simplifies working with the new Knochenlayer friends and a better QuickTime exporter lets you export all the effects. Of course, various bug fixes and improvements were made under the surface.

Draw with Toon Boom Studio like Disney pros

• New, integrated Knochenlayer for a simpler segmenting and animating
• Fast transitions for Vektrografiken
• New transformations of bitmap textures
• Improved real-time preview
• With a better QuickTime exporter

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