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With toolbar of uninstaller, you can uninstall the installed unwanted toolbars.



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Toolbar Uninstaller

Continuously increasing the toolbars and toolbar of uninstaller is your remedy. Because many toolbars are easy to program installations installed. If you're not careful as a user, the number of the installed tool bars can be fast in the hundreds or thousands. That may sound perhaps exaggerated, but estimates suggest that there are now more than 10,000 tool bars. But with the toolbar of uninstaller, you will master this phenomenon.

The toolbar of uninstaller performs a scan here, and all found toolbars will be displayed. Then can do you decide, which toolbars you keep and what you uninstall. This is done via a selector in the toolbar of uninstaller, in that you can transfer the tool bars you want to delete in the corresponding field with a mouse click. Then you can the tool bars through the toolbar of uninstaller uninstall leave. The advantage compared to the manual uninstall, you can perform at any time via the browser itself, is the really complete removal by the toolbar of uninstaller A manual uninstallation can cause that parts of the toolbar in the non-visible areas are preserved. These are still active and collect data about your surfing habits. In contrast to this, the toolbar of uninstaller removed all components of a toolbar and prevents any more unwanted activity.

Toolbar of uninstaller works with definition files, much like an antivirus program. The definitions for new toolbars must be loaded in from the Internet. Toolbar of uninstaller focuses itself on the most famous and most popular toolbars, so rare tool bars are possibly not detected and uninstalled. For this, the manual uninstall via the browser remains friends then but, until the definition files for toolbar of uninstaller available, as before.

Functions of the toolbar of uninstaller

• Uninstalling unwanted tool bars
• working definition files
• recognizes approximately 180 tool bars
• for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
• Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista
• free freeware

About the toolbar of uninstaller

The software was released in 2008 for the first time and developed privately by a single developer. Currently, the program is developed by a team of developers and will appear as a new release at the end of the third quarter 2010. Desire came to develop this from users who encountered persistent problems during uninstallation for some installed tool bars.

Description of the version: Toolbar Uninstaller

Toolbars can be a real nuisance and horribly annoying. In addition, tool bars collect data about your surfing habits. With the new version of the tool bar uninstaller you can track up to 180 toolbars and add a delete list. The new version works like a professional antivirus program with appropriate definition files. You can remove with this version toolbars from Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Overview of the functions of the new version of toolbar uninstaller

• Is able to detect the new version up to 180 tool bars
• Applicable in the Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
• Required operating system: 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista

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