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Tomb Raider Anniversary convinced both old fans of Lara Croft and not connoisseur of series.



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Tomb Raider Anniversary

Slip into the role of Lara Croft, and experience the unforgettable classics in Tomb Raider Anniversary in a unique way new. Everything is equal and yet completely different. As a connoisseur of the original game you will feel immediately at home, but new puzzles, hidden secrets and advanced content will ensure that you lose not only in nostalgia. Tomb Raider Anniversary knows how to inspire both the old Tomb Raider fans and curious not connoisseur of series.

The story of Tomb Raider Anniversary begins with the order of a powerful syndicate. Lara Croft is to recover a mysterious artifact discovered during their quest not only thousands of years old cultures and lost worlds, and recognize the true face of the syndicate. Tomb Raider Anniversary is not too predictable for connoisseurs of the first part, countless small and large secrets and changes were fitted, which abate the tension does not allow. Lots of cunning and sinister enemies will be friends in Tomb Raider Anniversary in the way. Wild animals such as bears, wolves, Pumas, or giant gorillas about Mummies and to various extinct dinosaurs. And of course human adversaries you will have seen from it.

Tomb Raider Anniversary is available for Windows and for Apple's Mac OSX operating system. The demo of Tomb Raider Anniversary offers you the unique opportunity to try out some of the first Peru levels and to learn how the bow between the old classics and new ideas and game engine was beaten on his own. Use the download download button to Tomb Raider Anniversary and Lara Croft to help their search for the artifact.

Peculiarities of Tomb Raider Anniversary:

• Celebration together with Lara Croft for its tenth anniversary.
• Experience the old Tomb Raider classic in entirely new ways.
• Completely revised graphics
• Meets traditional game controls on innovative new features
• Experience the classic places like never before.
• Peru, Egypt, Greece, and a lost world are waiting for you.

Tomb Raider Anniversary and its predecessors

Lara Croft, the heroine of Tomb Raider Anniversary, had their birth in 1996 with the first part of the Tomb Raider series, core design has been developed at the time of the game forge. Toby Gard was the father of the famous archaeologist, who became famous as a female Indiana Jones. Now published several sequels for all existing game consoles and operating systems. Tomb Raider Anniversary was the seventh sequel of it. The last part of the series was Tomb Raider: underworld of 2008 was released.

Description of the version: Tomb Raider Anniversary

Tomb Raider is presenting a remake of the first part of the cult game's tenth anniversary. With the well-known characters and enemies, locations and storyline you can dive again into the world of Lara Croft. This version is refined by the latest technical means. In addition to modern plots and elaborate operation, some of the functions and features have been improved. In the free demo version, you can download a level.

The features of Tomb Raider Anniversary

• Remake of Tomb Raider first part
• Improved interface and new functions
• Recovery of old storylines and characters
• Free demo version with a level

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