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With the TippKönigin you get the 10 finger system taught step by step.



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In many occupations, the 10 finger system is a prerequisite for the employment. The TippKönigin helps you to learn the 10 finger system in simple steps. In addition, the TippKönigin is largely self-explanatory and also with the operation you will have no major problems. In addition, you need no great preparation with the TippKönigin and can immediately start with the learning. The learning concept of TippKöinigin is based on learning concepts that have proven didactic. So you will learn the handling of the 10-finger system step by step.

A total of 26 lessons await you at the TippKönigin. It's doesn't matter if you're a beginner, advanced or professional. Settings, lessons, and exercises tailored to the TippKönigin. Even if you manage to write 300 attacks, healthy you can develop yourself even with the TippKönigin. Because here, too, you will find many interesting exercises where you can demonstrate your skills. By using the illuminated keyboard you will learn in the first stage, where the buttons are located. You will learn the drafting of letters in the second stage. Also, you festigst your previously acquired knowledge on the basis of words and text exercises. The TippKönigin gives you the possibility to adjust the difficulty level in the settings. Text specifications and test results await you in the third level.

The TippKönigin are you different methods available, such as for example text - word exercises, marquee and the illuminated keyboard. You may get very quickly learning and you can check them with learning statistics and test. The learning is very varied thanks to the diverse practice settings and methods at the TippKönigin. Of course the fun factor at the TippKönigin not neglected. In level two, the games invasion, puzzle and break make for a fun change of pace? Also the already learned is strengthened once again.

The functions for a TippKönigin at a glance:

• Suitable for beginners and advanced
• Learning methods such as text and word exercises, marquee, and illuminated keyboard
• Proven learning concept
• A total of 26 learning lessons
• 10 Finger system in machine writing
• Customized settings, lessons and exercises

What operating system do you need?

To use the TippKönigin on your computer, you will need Windows XP/2000/ME or 98. The graphics resolution should be 800 x 600 and your hard drive should be at least 6MB free.

Description of the version: TippKönigin

The TippKönigin by Aleksander Gilezan helps you to learn the typing quickly and easily. The new lessons show you the position of the letters on the keyboard, so that you can learn them in turn. With a colored designed keyboard on the screen, you can always see which finger just have to type, without having to look at this on your hands. Also advanced can take advantage of the TippKönigin to increase their typing speed.

The key features to learn writing blind TippKönigin.

Features • self-explanatory
• Lessons for Nafänger and advanced
• Determination of the typing speed
• Colour marking of the keys
• Help text on the screen

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