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With Tipp10 you can learn quickly the easiest ways of the fingers on the keyboard you.



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Tipp10 provides you with the keyboard in skillful appetizers and clearly structured lessons. You will learn the basic series first and work yourself at your own pace to the entire alphabet. Tipp10 software, you can always check what lessons you've already mastered. Only when all the letters are known, full texts, which are also selected according to specific handles in Tipp10 follow.

When you start Tipp10, opens the menu window, in which you can set up your learning environment to your liking. With simple clicks you set where you want to see Help on the screen, and whether you want to be made aware on error. Tipp10 allows a liquid letter for subsequent correction, which is very helpful for dictation. Because you can write quickly enough if you don't need to focus on corrections. The lessons of Tipp10 will open in a new window which consists depending on the settings of the dictation toolbar and a keyboard help. The text provided by Tipp10 appears in the bar of the dictation. In the same bar, you write well. You can see this because the cursor in the text continues. Errors are marked with an orange marker.

Tipp10 is a free program that you can download on the Internet. With a click on the Setup file, the installation runs almost alone.

Possible Tipp10 helper functions:

Colored highlight keyboard •
• Home position mark
• Show help text
• Stop Dictation
• Beep on error
• Statistical evaluation

Learning at Tipp10

Tipp10 programme, you should learn the typing with multiple senses. The more senses in the learning process are involved, the better the right movements remember. The lessons are designed so that you can easily meet all buttons. A color is also associated each finger, which is also the key marker on the screen. As you can see on the screen, which finger you have to take for which button to learn the system. Tipp10 controls in the speed and the error rate, which you can reach the individual lessons. A statistic you can track your progress. Quickly, with a point system in which errors and speed are netted, you can control whether you could improve your services.

Description of the version: TIPP 10

The new version of Tip 10 offers users new ways to develop your typing skills. It is a completely revised and improved version. In addition to a spelling correction in the free tip lessons, exercises await you to practice typing on the keypad. Also, you can add your own texts and use them as writing exercises. You can determine the speed with which iterates through the text, by using a slider itself.

Overview of the most important innovations in Tip 10

• Completely revised lessons
• Ability to add your own texts as a lesson
• Exercises for the use of the numeric keypad
• More detailed analyses
• Improved error messages

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