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Timer is a small freeware that you no longer want to Miss soon after the first test.



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Even though a PC stopwatch like timer at first glance does not necessarily make sense, with the time you certainly recognize benefits and start timed exactly to measure many activities or situations.

Timer is a program that you do not actually need - you think! If you only have this little tool on your computer, then all of a sudden lots of things think, you actually already always once time exactly wanted to capture. How long does it actually take you can drink the first cup of coffee on your desk in the morning, or how long the smoke break by the colleagues really?

The results that accurately delivers you timer on the hundredth of a second, will surprise you probably again and again and eventually you will start to capture situations that were so far actually quite shit, but now form the very certain charm. If your boss repeatedly objected that this or that step you actually much too long, so you can document exactly now using timer, how long you really need. Of course, this small software is also ideal to train yourself and your speed in the Office or at home all the time and continue to improve.

And if you once bored, then timer is also a very useful tool to perform, for example, a round of rate in the circle of friends, will be played at the time. Totally free, you can download the small program timer. With its sleek 4.0 KB it will can absolutely not even older computer systems, but quickly establish in any system as a useful little helper. Timer runs on all current versions of Microsoft Windows from version Windows 98.

Description of the version: Timer

Still current version 1.0 of timer you get totally free a high-precision stopwatch for your PC, which is a "real" stop watch in anything. You can use the small software for professional users and leisure alike. You can with her both workflows time measure and document or your colleagues to highlight how their smoking breaks really long. The small program easily fits in all current versions of Windows and consumes no precious resources due to its small size.

The advantages of the PC stopwatch timer at a glance:

• Free PC stopwatch
• High-precision stopwatch
• Only 4 kByte large program
• For all major Windows versions
• Do not load the system
• Versatile in professional and leisure use

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