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The TiltShift generator offers features for creating fascinating miniatures.



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TiltShift Generator

The TiltShift generator is a free tool for editing and manipulation of images. With him are fascinating miniature pictures without expensive camera or complex image editing programs.

You've seen definitely already fascinating pictures that looked like depictions of miniature worlds. And maybe you changed also, if you need an expensive camera, a special lens or an expensive, sophisticated image manipulation program for this. This is not necessary, even with the free tool TiltShift miniature effects you can conjure generator on your photos. The TiltShift generator is very easy to use. After starting the program, you will see the Edit mask. Open the photo that you want to edit, click below on the "Open" button in the mask and are looking for the right photo the following screen on your hard drive. After confirmation, you will see the photo open in the right part of the Edit mask. In the left part of your edit waiting for multiple sliders. Here, you can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and the JPEG quality of the photos. At the top you'll find the setting options for the "blur"-effect. The area of the photo, which should remain sharp, is preset to "round", you can change this to "rectangular". In addition, you specify here the size and strength of the blur. You're satisfied with your photo you save off it via the "Save" button on your computer. To use the TiltShift generator, the "Adobe Air" application must be installed on your computer. You can download it for free from Adobe.

The TiltShift generator is one of the tools by art & mobile, developed by the Japanese Takayuki Fukatsu. In addition to the desktop tool also are apps for iPhone and iPad available, as well as a webapp.

Description of the version: TiltShift Generator

The current version of TiltShift generator offers easy-to-use functions. Various slider set contrast, saturation, brightness, and JPEG quality of your photos and turn them into fascinating miniatures with the blur effect. The sharp to permanent range you can change via filter application and optimize, for the blur you set the size and strength with just a few clicks. By accessing the application "Adobe Air", which must be installed, you can use the tool on any platform.

The current functions of the TiltShift generator version 1.0

• Feature blur effect for creating miniatures
• Customization of the sharp to permanent range
• Defining the size and strength of the blur
• Easy to use slider

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