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TightVNC allows other computers access to you, without that you don't have to be on the spot.



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TightVNC allows monitoring and control of another computer from your PC and opens you to a variety of ways: check your own computer remotely or help friends and colleagues right at their PC problems.

VNC stands for virtual network computing - with this system can monitor a computer from another PC. TightVNC is a remote control program that leverages this function: using the software, you can see the desktop of another possibly distant computer and accessing its information - using your own mouse and keyboard you control the other computer so he would be immediately in front of you.

The monitored computers can be controlled either via the Internet or the local network - if you are an administrator, TightVNC offers a special added value you so: comfortably you can with the program from your workstation on all other PCs on the network to access and control. But TightVNC is also a useful tool for many other purposes: the software allows, for example, the technical support if another user needs help. Rather than travel to a skilled person must, the technical support from a distance can be done - this saves time and money. Even within the family and the circle of friends you can help so cheap or received, without that you don't have to leave your desk. A review of your own machine is also possible: did you run the PC, for example, to complete important downloads during your absence, you can check remotely whether everything is OK. TightVNC is available for the platforms Windows and UNIX available and is compatible with other popular VNC programs.

Description of the version: TightVNC

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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