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Mozilla Thunderbird is a simple program that simplifies E-Mail traffic.



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Mozilla Thunderbird is a classic mail structure and composition.

Like most programs in this direction he is out messages on the receiving, managing and writing emails and newsgroup. After installing so-called email accounts can be set up. The latest version of Mozilla Thunderbird is automated to a large extent. By clicking on retrieve all established E-Mail addresses obtained, downloaded the mails in your own Inbox, Mozilla Thunderbird, and automatically deleted from the mailboxes of email addresses. Thus, it is ensured that no mailbox due to lack of disk space is overflowing. The Mozilla Thunderbird has an advanced spam detection. With time, especially if mails as spam are marked, recognizes the Mozilla Thunderbird with quite reliability, what is for its users spam. Either you can mark it and push away with a hotkey, or automatically erase.

Also, with one click can priorities assign each message in Mozilla Thunderbird and assign specific colors and subjects. Also with one click or hotkey in the Explorer Navigation on the left side of the screen to the Inbox folder can be created. This feature is interesting especially for people with a high email volume. The search is pleasant. Mozilla Thunderbird allows emails by sender, subject line, period and even after full-text to search, to find so misplaced mail again.

Very comfortable, also the address book and email writing functions are designed. Mozilla Thunderbird stores all E-Mail addresses, which he - as the recipient or shipper - contact already had. Considering the author of dating the exact spelling of an E-Mail address, enter of the first few letters, and immediately offers suggestions to complete the program. The services of the Mozilla Thunderbird round off the possibility to import mail archives or address databases, to convert E-mails into a print version, and to work with a variety of E-mail addresses at the same time.

Features of Mozilla Thunderbird

• Mail and Newsabruf
• Management of emails
• Writing news and mail
• Advanced spam filter
• Interactive address book
• Simple, work-friendly layout

Formation of Mozilla Thunderbird

The Mozilla Thunderbird was once freeware developed as an alternative to the E-Mail clients from major software companies. Aim the programmer was a mail program to create what could be with comparable power for free download.

Description of the version: Thunderbird

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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