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ThumbsPlus 7 x helps you with countless new features to your new projects.



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You're a passionate photographer and tease you also not even to be able to edit your images? ThumbsPlus 7 x makes you become a professional photographer, a Web Designer or even a press officer. The over 1000 functions with the four wizards, ThumbsPlus 7 x helps you in all matters of image editing. The simple new Explorer navigation allows you quick access to all your files. With the small preview images, which form the heart of ThumbsPlus 7 x, manage and organize your projects is a no-brainer.

You will find in the new version of ThumbsPlus 7 x distinct sorting options. This helps you find and sort your valuable work. ThumbsPlus 7 x countless opportunities available to edit your images are friends. Blur, color variations and other errors belong to the past. You can with ThumbsPlus 7 x prints, create a picture catalog or generate also finished Web pages. The wizard help will help you with the correct setting of the options.

An import of external media files is in ThumbsPlus 7 x no longer necessary. Images, fonts, videos, or sounds are automatically recorded and in the overview provided with preview images as soon as you select the directory for the first time. ThumbsPlus 7 x detects all file formats, such as PDF, EPS, or PostScript also. There is a zoom function and a synchronous view of multiple images. So you keep track more easily. You can rely on the fully automatic image enhancement as well manually edit everything. Many valuable tools in ThumbsPlus 7 x help. Send your projects via E-Mail to your friends, present a slide show or create Web pages or image catalogues. You can save your most beautiful pictures as background images.

There is much new in ThumbsPlus 7 x:

• Modern layout, new help system and fast information using the Info Panel
• Full 48-bit color depth and a fully automatic image enhancement with Xe847
• A highly advanced IPTC editor
• A completely revised preview
• A Web Wizard with preview and JavaScript
• More support for MySQL databases and for 14 file formats

System requirements for ThumbsPlus 7 x

You need for ThumbsPlus 7 x the operating system Microsoft Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP and an at least 266 MHz processor. Also, your computer should have at least 64 MB RAM and a free 50 MB hard disk space. For the program, you will need also a graphics adapter with at least 800 x 600 pixels and a color depth of 15 bits.

Description of the version: ThumbsPlus

The photo editing and management software ThumbsPlus version gives you 7 x a more modern layout and a better help system. The software is equipped with 48 bit color and alpha channels, so you can process your images in full color depth. The IPTC editor was made easier, and the program supports now all external database systems. Also detects ThumbsPlus 7 x 14 now more image formats. With the fully automatic image enhancement, you can work on your images. The preview feature and the MD5 fingerprint provide more security on the Web.

The latest features of ThumbsPlus 7 x

• Modern layout, better help system
• Fully automatic image processing
• 48 Bit color and alpha channels
• Clear IPTC editor
• Support for external database systems and 14 additional image formats

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