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Throttle is a low-cost tool for all who want to make more out of their Internet connection.



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Also the bandwidth of modern DSL and cable connections grows with the volume of many files available in the Internet, and Web pages. Many applications that access the Internet, enough run fast but also with the latest access technology. Here throttle solves the problem: regardless of whether you use your connection to play with others, download music or videos, or just to chat - throttle shows you, what really can your Internet connection!

Throttle check the communication between your computer and your modem, your service provider and optimizes the appropriate entries in your registry, as well as the system files relevant to the performance of the Internet. This tool uses little resources and contents itself with a few MB of disk space. The processes key for accessing the network can be speed up, navigate to bottlenecks in data throughput and stabilize even dial-up connections, which are often affected by disconnections, with throttle.

Throttle can be any common Internet connection optimize and improve both the download and the upload speed of your connection. Throttle is suitable not only for the acceleration of dialup, ISDN, DSL, cable, satellite or cellular connection, but also for the best possible coordination of your LAN. The user interface of throttle is it so simple, that even lay people themselves will feel right at home. You choose your access should be as fast and throttle does the rest. Of course, the program is compatible with the latest versions of Windows and supports both 32 - and 64-bit systems.

The performance characteristics of throttle in detail:

• Optimization of all common types of access.
• Full compatibility with the latest versions of Windows.
• Very simple user interface.
• Improve LAN performance.
• Acceleration of down and preparation.
• Low hardware requirements.

What is throttle the first choice:

The software is already the sixth version, and is constantly evolving. The to test, you can do a thirty day functional trial download program, which on request again easily uninstall leaves and undo makes any changes to the system. Why upgrade of your connection every month pay for more if throttle for an unbeatable price can improve the performance of your access? Throttle is the solution for those looking for a solution for problems with your bandwidth easily and quickly and is sure amortize within a very short time!

Description of the version: Throttle

The latest version of throttle makes your Internet connection even faster and fixes some display problems with older graphics cards. These are completely revised with the major release version 6, new user interface developed and resulted in indication errors with some graphic formats. The version for your updates Windows Vista or Windows 7 remains fully operational with both 32 and 64 bit OS.

Features in the current release of of throttle

• Display problems with older graphics cards have been fixed.
• New version supports Vista and Windows 7 32 and 64 bit.
• Improved user interface (since major release 6)

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