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  • Windows 3.1.0

With the Thoosje you keep Vista Sidebar 3.1.0 track of the activity on your computer.



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  • Updated: 24.02.2011

Thoosje Vista Sidebar

With the new Thoosje Vista Sidebar 3.1.0, you imbue the surface of your computer a new look. She brings many small useful programs for you. You can arrange them open on your desktop. Immediately after you install the Thoosje extends Vista Sidebar 3.1.0 on the right side of your desktop, and you can always add more programs through drag- and -drop. These small helpers are called widgets or gadgets. Hire a new look to your old operating system.

You will receive with the Thoosje Vista Sidebar 3.1.0 for example a calendar, a clock, and a recycle bin. The free software brings but much more for you. For example, a control panel for a media player, weather report, news via RSS feed or a search for the most popular search engines. At any time, by the clear arrangement in the user interface of your computer, you have access to all these helpers of the daily life. Who has access to even the possibility of directly from your desktop with just one mouse click on the weather forecast? Surprise your friends with a prompt response to your questions, you quickly and easily Vista Sidebar 3.1.0 can enter into the search field of the Thoosje.

The new Thoosje Vista Sidebar 3.1.0 gives your XP system a new Vista look. The Thoosje Vista Sidebar 3.1.0 is a collection of many useful things. The Thoosje Vista Sidebar 3.1.0 uses fewer resources and is faster than the original. It also offers you a lot more extras. Your new Thoosje Vista Sidebar 3.1.0 saves all your settings and so all your new programs available you after each reboot again. You can automatically access an overview of your memory and disk space utilization. Also you can see at a glance, what Internet transfer rate you're just browsing and other useful references, so you can quickly and easily detect errors and resolve.

Thoosje Vista Sidebar 3.1.0 soon:

• Firewall and integrated search engine
• Media Player and Internet gadget
• CPU and RAM reader gadget
• Calendar and weather gadget
• Hard disc status reader gadget
• WiFi Internet status gadget

System requirements for Thoosje Vista Sidebar 3.1.0

You need the operating system Microsoft Windows XP or Vista and a processor with at least 800 MHz for the new Thoosje Vista Sidebar 3.1.0. The Thoosje Vista Sidebar 3.1.0 requires 50% less memory than its predecessor and has otherwise continue, no special requirements on your computer.

Description of the version: Thoosje Vista Sidebar

The current version of Thoosje Vista Sidebar offers some very useful new features that help you to make your PC now more personal. With a variety of gadgets in new layout and individual adjustment options for the sidebar, the login page and the desktop background, you can wrap your computer in a new guise. Also, your processor of less is restricted by those gadgets.

The most important innovations in the current version of Thoosje Vista Sidebar.

• Sidebar can individually customizable
• It supports 8 languages.
• Now hardly affecting processor performance
• A variety of gadgets with new layout
• A variety of gadgets with new layout

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