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The smiley vault offers nearly 1,800 emoticons on all conceivable topics and feelings.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013

The Smiley Vault

Emoticons are so to speak the salt in the soup of the chat. Sometimes you can say a lot more with an image than with a long test, and it is here that the smiley Vault is a good choice. A selection of nearly 1,800 emoticons available friends, and thus almost all feelings and States of mind can be easily expressed. While the smiley vault offers the little yellow faces in different roles as well as in small stories. Anyway, alone watching the entire emoticons is fun and use in your chats, messages, and emails.

Download of the smiley vault, you can start right here by our side, is very fast, because the program is just a few megabytes big. For the installation you can select the directory then the smiley Vault is installed in it, and whether to install a desktop icon. All this is done within an eyelash of shock, and you can start the smiley Vault. The program will open it in a browser window and lists the emoticons in batches of 100 to you. A sort not there unfortunately, but that makes the search in the smiley Vault stop always new and entertaining.

To use one of the emoticons, you need to copy this or via the "save under" store command (call with the right mouse button) on your computer. May be you should create a separate Directory for, to have the emoticons from the smiley Vault up to the access. Insert you can then easily in emails, chat or even Web pages such as blogs. And the variety of emoticons you can be sure with the smiley vault, that there is no issue to find not the appropriate emoticon. Love, good or bad feelings, festivals such as Christmas and Easter, the turn of the year and emoticons changing to letters and words are only a small selection of the available emoticons. Download the smiley Vault now, and check out the selection, you certainly won't regret it.

Features of the smiley Vault:

• Smiley/emoticon database
• About 1,700 emoticons available
• Coverage of various topics
• Runs as a Web page in the browser
• Free freeware
• For Win98/98SE/me/2000/XP

Background information on the smiley Vault

The program is a development of the Australian David Pye, originally born in England. The idea of David is to animate the people, to help each other. Small programs like the smiley vault, which he provides free of charge download available as freeware are his contribution.

Description of the version: The Smiley Vault

The smiley Vault is a collection of nearly 2,000 smileys that you can use in all areas of your online life. No matter whether in chats, in emails or on your homepage - with the smileys from the smiley Vault you will find always the appropriate icon to the theme. Download the appropriate smiley simply from the Web site and store it locally with you, then you can add it easily at any time.

Features of the version of the smiley Vault

• Collection of over 2,000 smileys
• Can be used in chats, instant messengers, E-mails and homepages
• Divided into individual collections, which you can easily browse

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