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The Rasterbator makes the creation of huge posters for the wall to child's play.



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The Rasterbator

The Rasterbator allows the simple production of large-sized posters on your computer. The individual parts are printed on traditional A4 pages and then put together.

On the Internet you will find many interesting motives, which the apartment or the room nicer fashion allow. Photos represent a more personalised decoration that you shot yourself with a digital camera. The problem: Standard printer output images up to A4 format maximum – that severely limits the possibilities especially for large walls. But with the program the Rasterbator, you have now the possibility to print photos or downloaded designs in any size. The trick: The program uses the eponymous grid function to enlarge the images any - only parts of the picture then used together will be printed.

The Rasterbator is relatively easy to handle thanks to the self-explanatory interface: you enter the file name of the image or select the file in the browser. Then, you specify the paper size - DinA4, for example -. Then, you set the size to have the complete picture when you have reassembled it. With additional options, you can set the size of the pixels or modify the colors, and then save the result. The program shows you how much paper you will need for the poster. With a click on the button of Rasterbate .you rasterization, get a file that you can see with a PDF reader and then print. Do you run other applications during the advanced rasterization, so you can put down the priority of the Rasterbator in one click – this creates free system resources.

Description of the version: The Rasterbator

The Rasterbator contains many improvements that simplify the creation of large images on your PC in the version 1.21. The image files converted by the optimized algorithm faster and more resource-efficient. An operation fails, an error message appears now. Also, new translations have been added to the already included language files have been revised. Overall, the current version of the program runs more stable and smoother than its predecessor.

The improvements of the Rasterbator version 1.21 at a glance

• Optimized algorithm for faster image conversion
• Protects memory
• New languages and revised translations
• Note messages inform about failed processes
• Other various bug fixes and improvements

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