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Who wants to finally bring order into his musical chaos, has great help with the godfather.



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The GodFather

"I'll make him an offer, that he can't beat out." So or something like you can also imagine it, if the Godfather brings order to the chaos. With this program you can clear once all the music files on your hard drive? What double or is damaged, is mercilessly eradicated by the godfather. All mafia-style. You want the clutter on your hard disk so finally announce the fight, then is the godfather of your reliable ally.

The Godfather is a management program, which brings you right into your music files. It identifies accurately duplicate files or those with an incorrect file format. So you can easily map files, move, delete, rename or completely reformat. Professionally, as befits the real the Godfather, he recognizes not just ordinary music files, but also many other audio formats. So "go to the mattresses", because the Godfather says to battle the chaos in your playlist.

To ask the godfather for help, you have to not even offer a favor him. Just free download the program and install it. Then, you can simply start the Godfather and begin its work. And if you have sorted your data once all the Godfather can freely all by clicking Rename or reorder.

The Godfather has the following features for you:

• Takes into account numerous audio formats
• Sort, rename, delete and reformat
• Simple editing of multiple files by clicking
• Finally more overview in your playlists
• Runs on all Windows operating systems
• The download costs you nothing

The background to the game

Why, the godfather was named after the famous movie, so what nobody probably. The program was written in 2005 and has since then for many no longer. Especially for you: you can install the Godfather on pretty much all major operating systems. From Windows 95 to Windows Vista this software will support reliable you on all systems. And because the download is just a few megabytes in size, you need to wait still not long until you can finally once really clear with the program. Let disorderly music files so no longer on his nose dancing around you, but so sort it how you like it. As with an ordinary hard drive you can find his favorite songs just faster. And so you have even more joy to the music.

Description of the version: The GodFather

The GodFather is a free program that brings order to your music files. Also in the new version, duplicates kicked out and rearranged directories so that each song is quickly found. The freeware identifies two info tag your audio files and fetches the information about artists, tracklists, and albums via Internetabgleich. In addition to the MP3 format also FLAC, ACC -, MPC, APE and OGG files can be recycled.

This provides the freeware the Godfather 0.71 Beta 2 also in the new version

• Freeware
• Discovering and deleting duplicates
• Arrange music directories
• Collect additional information over the Internet
• FLAC-, ACC -, MPC, APE, OGG, and MP3 files

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