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With the digital TV magazine teXXas you can get the television to the computer.



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With the software teXXas you catch the TV easily on your PC. It offers numerous technical features and up-to-date details of the broadcasts on over 100 channels.

TeXXas is a free magazine for the PC, which includes more than 100 television channels. If you download the program, you can always plan your personal TV on the PC and you inform about the broadcast dates of your favorite TV shows and movies. The software teXXas includes both the free-TV channels, digital and pay channels, it appears on both the program for the next seven days.

The menu at teXXas is simple and clear, the individual items are described in detail and you can find also images. To make orientation easier for you, the software teXXas features sophisticated search: you can search for example specifically for genres such as films or series. Besides, the software features all broadcasts in stereo and 16:9-format be broadcast and it differs also in recorded and live broadcast programmes.

Besides the search for programs and their management teXXas more can. If one has registered online with the provider, it is possible, free SMS via the launch of a film learn to leave - so you're sure that you'll never miss a blockbuster about the next day everyone is talking. Also possibility to hire reminders for items via Outlook. The freeware teXXas is compatible with the operating systems Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me and Windows XP. It was developed by the Hamburg-based metaspinner net GmbH and meantime teXXas available as an app for mobile devices released.

Description of the version: teXXas

The new version of teXXas, the magazine for the PC, offers the usual extensive service: you can see a program of more than 100 television stations for seven days in advance and inform you exactly. It is however more powerful than its predecessors and the menu navigation and usability have been simplified. Also, the new version of teXXas also with the Betriebssstem Windows XP is compatible and can be installed quickly and easily on your PC.

The new version teXXas soon:

• Display of programme output by over 100 channels
• Many search features, z.B by genre of programmes
• Still simpler usability
• Free notification via SMS when movie starts

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