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Tetris unlimited is a new version of the classic with bright colors and exciting features.



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Tetris Unlimited

Tetris unlimited is a game that combines the classic features of Tetris with bright colors and representations. An exciting extra is the ability to design your own tiles.

You get a special clone of the popular strategy game with Tetris unlimited. Aims, with the matching tiles to make a set for then disappear and the wall can build up not to the top. In Tetris unlimited you will be rewarded for each populated series with colorful explosions. Depending on the colour combination you will be credited points, which further increase your high score. The varied colours of the Rainbow and game backgrounds are a special highlight. Also, you have the ability to start even a battle, with your friends, because Tetris unlimited has a multiplayer mode. Evidence, how you are, and fill out your order faster than your opponent. The winner is the player with the most points. If you're not looking for a contest, play Tetris unlimited but still together with a friend, you can try to rearrange the stones properly together in a field, and together to earn points. Are no limits so the game fun.

A special highlight is the integrated editor. With this editor you can creatively design your own tiles and suit your taste design to a tetris game. You choose what colors and combinations into may. The classic among the puzzle in a completely new appearance. Tetris unlimited has a file size of total 5.6 MB. As a prerequisite for the download of the game, you need the Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me, or Windows XP operating system.

Description of the version: Tetris Unlimited

With the current version of Tetris unlimited the remake of the classic game is completely revised. Louder, faster and more colorful Tetris unlimited calls the whole concentration of the player. An incorrectly set stone and the high score is lost. The color explosions spread more good humor and the new editor gives you a wide range of combination possibilities for designing your own tiles. With the multiplayer mode, now also a contest with friends and family is possible.

Exciting innovations in Tetris unlimited

• Editor to design of your own tiles
• Game language English
• Multiplayer for competitions and combination games
• Small file size of the game
• Varied levels
• Colorful backgrounds within the level

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