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With TeraCopy, you can copy now all movies in a short time on a different disk.



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If you regularly share with friends movies, photo collections or similar large amounts of data, you can now significantly speed up the copy process with TeraCopy. The program is optimized for large files.

If you want to copy large files, like for example a movie, this is usually quite a long time. TeraCopy now greatly reduces this time. So, you can transfer entire movie collection on other disks in a short time.

For this, TeraCopy uses specially designed asynchronous copy algorithms that allow you to move large files in the form of multiple packages on the new disk. At the same time this copying technology also allows to stop the copy process. Instead of blocking your computer for five hours so that you can invest twice an hour to achieve the same success of the copy.

Now, you're no longer dependent on well in advance to schedule your copy operations and to adapt your activities. You can start simply, once dare you that a file must be copied, the copy process with TeraCopy. The file is copied not only faster and more effectively than with a native copy process, you can also be sure that you no other task that could arise spontaneously at the time, must be postponed, because the computer by copying the file is fully utilised. The manufacturer code sector has created a program with this software, like all programs of this brand for quick and safe work with the machine. So that the copy operation as possible can expire, the program was as reliable a reliable error analysis give with minor copying errors can be detected and corrected during the process.

Description of the version: TeraCopy

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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