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TeamViewer is a perfect all-in one solution for support and maintenance work in the team.



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The Internet makes everything possible. With the right software, you can solve all the problems. TeamViewer offers fantastic possibilities. Only a small program must be installed on the computers that you want to test with a remote diagnosis. It is not even necessary that you be given Admin rights. Your customer, whose computer you to wait, can follow all your steps. With TeamViewer, you have the opportunity to work, he would be right in front of you on this computer. Also, a firewall is completely harmless.

TeamViewer can do even more. Your team is divided into different locations. You want to present all at the same time a new product or a new strategy. With TeamViewer you can organize an online meeting and at the same time make available all data each Member of the team. So, a Conference and presentation using TeamViewer in the most diverse places can be arranged worldwide. Even the joint work on documents is a trifle with TeamViewer.

You're even frequently on the road and need access to your server data? If you have installed TeamViewer, you can at any time access on the road on all data. You can work in any place of the world, without having to give up your complete hardware support. The safety standard of TeamViewer is excellent and the host services are included in the full version of TeamViewer for free. Of course you can also transfer data with TeamViewer.

An overview of the functions of TeamViewer

• Remote control of another computer
• Support even behind a firewall
• Team meetings worldwide
• Presentations on multiple PCs
• Collaborate on documents
• Access to your own server from on the road

Is it usable for all systems?

TeamViewer is available for all major operating systems. The program was originally developed solely for the remote maintenance and online support. But increased the requirements to the programmer and so you can use a program that offers you a variety of options. The program has been improved greatly. Now you can insert it into the internal network for remote maintenance, without having to work through foreign servers. Switching to a LAN connection is possible without any problems. Even a portable version is now on the market. You can download it on the Internet, where you can get it sometimes even free of charge. The possibilities are endless.

Description of the version: TeamViewer

The updated version of TeamViewer comes with some new features and improvements. New is the drag-and-drop function, by means of which you can transfer files to remote desktops. A new button allows you to quickly toggle between monitors. Also, problems that had previous versions during file transfers, were resolved in the new version. In search of you can now also search for group names and all open Windows appear automatically in the foreground. The TeamViewer has become even clearer and easier.

These are the new features in TeamViewer

• Terminal Server support: your own ID for each user
• Drag -and-drop file transfer
• Language transmission for all participants
• Simplified switch between monitors

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