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The TeamSpeak client allows audio to set up conferences for various purposes.



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TeamSpeak 3

The TeamSpeak client offers many ways that you can communicate via audio.

There is the possibility to create different channels, so that different groups in the TeamSpeak client can communicate with each other within a TeamSpeak client. Each user will receive a user name. The channels in the TeamSpeak client are represented in the menu with their structure. You can make further divisions within a channel. To change the channel, it is sufficient to click the desired channel and you're in there. In a Teamspeakanal, you can communicate with all others without speaking to the users or disturbed by them, which are in a different channel. Administrators can create as in the TeamSpeak client channels, how they just need it. In addition, you have more ways to organize the TeamSpeak client, that normal users don't have. You can create channels, various channels assign users and deny access to the TeamSpeak client users who are not desirable, or provide only a certain group of users access to a channel.

The TeamSpeak client allows you to organize all conceivable activity on the computer. You can ask computer players who lead a virtual war on the TeamSpeak client, for support to your pilot assign goals and better coordinated with the other Squad, without text in the console by typing. Working groups can talk to each other in a conference call, without telephone costs.

The program can be downloaded from the homepage of the manufacturer. For the operation you need a sound card, a microphone, and speakers for the speech are necessary. To install the TeamSpeak client and to set up only the on-screen instructions must be followed.

The features of the TeamSpeak client

• Speak with other players or colleagues via the Internet or network.
• Create working groups with just a few mouse clicks.
• The installation and Configuration Wizard supports you in the Einr.ichtung.
• The microphone detects when it is said and will be activated.
• The program of the available hardware can be adjusted through numerous options.
• For the first time in support of spatial sound with a Surroundsoundkarte.

The history of the TeamSpeak client

The TeamSpeak client is released in 2003. The TeamSpeak client is developed by Ralph Ludwig and Peter Kirk. Versions, Teamseak RC1 and TeamSpeak RC2 was used for TeamSpeak 3 in contrast to the ancestor an other programming language, which allows to port the TeamSpeak client for different operating systems.

Description of the version: TeamSpeak 3

With TeamSpeak 3, the next generation, stand the voice over IP software includes new features and improvements available. With the positional audio, you can position interlocutors in the region and perceive their voices in 3D, as if your friends speak of front or side to you. With many new features, such as the whisper function, coordination in MMO games is even easier and more efficient.

The new features by TeamSpeak version 3.0.0 beta 35

• Positional Audio allows for voice playback in 3D space.
• The shift-enter keyboard shortcut has been added to invoke the chat input window.
• Improved the tab focus.
• The characters "" are automatically removed when an E-Mail address is copied.
• Numerous bug fixes.

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