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For sharing and backing up data of all kinds.



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TeamDrive is a free program for the exchange of data or simple securing of this.

With TeamDrive who looking for something to Exchange files such as MP3, is at the correct address. TeamDrive offers permanent storage of 2Gbyte.

Before you go, it needs a registration with the service of TeamDrive. But then all functions on the clearly arranged user interface of TeamDrive are active and other users can find you based on your aliases.

Henceforth, you can share any files with TeamDrive with other users. However, you can use TeamDrive as a pure backup service.

You decide who can see your information.

So the space is too small for you, you can decide also for more. TeamDrive offers paid upgrades for it.

Description of the version: TeamDrive

Wonderful to the exchange of data on the Internet with friends and acquaintances.

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