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Taskbar Shuffle allows any arrange of open Windows in the Windows taskbar.



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  • Updated: 22.06.2011

Taskbar Shuffle

With the small utility Taskbar Shuffle you can so arrange the program Windows on the Windows taskbar, how you think it is right - that creates order and improves the overview when many programs are open.

If you to do much on the PC did, then you surely know: the Internet browser is open, because you online something to do have - at the same time you hear by Winamp or Windows Media Player music, and the word processing program is open as well, because you have to write another important letter. Add various open folder, and the chaos in the system tray is perfect: accumulate the applications, after each task must be searched cumbersome. With the useful tool of taskbar shuffle, this time finally belong to the past. The free software allows you to rearrange the individual buttons of the open applications freely. So you can place for example the folder where your music is located right next to Winamp or other music player, you simply store the folder with the documents in addition to the text processing - this way you improve the clarity in the taskbar with Taskbar Shuffle and upgrade the operations on your PC.

Taskbar Shuffle is easy and intuitive to use. The settings are clearly arranged on the surface of the program. For example the automatic grouping function can be useful, with the specific tasks can be arranged and combined into groups according to criteria set by you. With a check mark in the appropriate option, you can also adjust that task or entire groups can be closed with a click on the middle mouse button – this saves the going through "Close" - dialog.

Description of the version: Taskbar Shuffle

The current version of taskbar shuffle 2.5 offers some new features compared to its predecessor. The program is now compatible with UltraMon and can be used on systems with multiple monitors. The grouping functions have been revised and comfortable designed Windows Vista and XP are fully supported in the 64-bit version now too. You can now disable the automatic search function for updates if you want to manually check for updates. Many other small improvements round out this new version.

The following new features are included in Taskbar Shuffle 2.5

• Support for the programme of UltraMon for multi monitor systems
• Revised grouping function for better handling
• Support of 64-bit Windows Vista/XP
• Auto-Updater can be disabled
• Many more improvements and bug fixes

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