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TapinRadio is a handy freeware Internet radio player and song recording.



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With the development of the Internet, many traditional media in the global network have been moved, because it offers much more freedom and now also greater transfer rates. This applies also to radio stations, with TapinRadio you can use now numerous benefits of Internet radio.

Almost any conventional radio station offers a live stream and every day come new radio makers looking for their audience in the Internet community. In addition to the easy availability of the radio stations and the fact that you can hear almost all stations of the world via the World Wide Web, Internet radio offers easy ways to take good songs and save on your computer. TapinRadio locates friends current URLs for all radio stations that you can receive, and plays the stream directly. The freeware is very simple and easy to use and offers a simply designed interface. Also you will not disturbed at the use by TapinRadio annoying banners and clips, so that nothing in the way your radio enjoyment.

A particularly practical feature offers you the tool when recording radio songs. Even if you change the channel and find a song that was played almost ready, you can save the complete song with the button "Record" on your computer. TapinRadio offers a wide range of supported stream formats. For example, Shoutcast, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, AAC and Icecast are freeware easily playable and with all the features to use. You can constantly update the station list, which is also advisable, because the URLs of the transmitter can be changed quickly. You can find matching addresses but also on the website of the radio station, however TapinRadio out also automatically searches the list you, without that you don't have to search.

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Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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