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Talkative IRC

With talkative IRC you have Internet chat to the next level. The program is based on the basic features of Internet Relay Chat, but offers more options than other approaches to the IRC network. Particularly to emphasize are the personal settings you can make with talkative IRC. Both the layout as also the sounds can you customize it and thus have your personal Messenger, just as you need it and would like to have.

Talkative IRC more or less of a person will be developed and maintained, there a variety of updates. Because the program is subject to a permanent development, driven in large part by the user. Currently, talkative IRC is still freeware and completely free to take and use. Should it but come to a paid version of talkative IRC, you have still a chance on a free license key. Don't just sensible suggestions for the program or send the developer an email with an error report. All supporters of the development will then receive a free license key, should ever commercially marketed talkative IRC. Thus you can actively participate on the further development of talkative IRC and thus help the developers to improve his product.

After downloading the fortunately very small program and installation of talkative IRC, you should take some time and set the program according to your preferences. This is pretty easy on the clear user guidance and also for inexperienced chatters no problem. In addition to the color and the corresponding sounds, you can set the startup behavior of talkative IRC. After the initial Setup, you can you then connect to a server and participate in the chats. Due to the large number of existing users, there is a good selection of themed rooms which you can dial into you.

The features of talkative IRC:

• Internet chat program
• Already hundreds of thousands of users
• Customizable user interface
• Free freeware
• For Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
• English interface

Talkative IRC and

The Internet Relay Chat program is on the market for many years and is offered for some time about the of the developer's page. The software is currently completely free of charge and this will be even in the foreseeable. Talkative IRC is constantly updated and further developed by the integration of user bug reports and suggestions for improvement.

Description of the version: Talkative IRC

Talkative IRC is a chat program on the basis of the Internet Relay Chat. It is based purely on text and has one of the largest communities in the world. IRC is the Protocol, talkative of the actual client. The client is stable, secure and easy to use and gives you a quick introduction to one of the largest text chat communities. IRC has several million users with a wide variety of interests that entertain themselves in channels (rooms) in the world.

Features in the current version of talkative IRC

• Client for text chat on Internet Relay Chat
• Simple, robust, and free program
• Worldwide network with several million participants
• Interests are organized through channel (rooms)

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