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The talisman Desktop 3.21 gives you almost endless possibilities for the desktop authoring.



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  • Updated: 24.02.2011

Talisman Desktop

You can make the customization of the Windows desktop with Windows onboard media, however, the options are limited. In addition to a different resolution and a different background image, even the change of the icons is not easy, and there is talisman Desktop 3.21 for you. The program offers you a completely custom interface, and talisman Desktop 3.21 does this completely independently and not as a supplement, but as a replacement of the Windows desktop.

Talisman Desktop 3.21 provides you with a series of own themes that you can choose from. For each user of the PC an own theme can be installed here, just like you know it from the user settings in Windows. All desktops can then be customized with talisman Desktop 3.21. While you can replace icons with images and you create your own icons. Existing icons and symbols of Talisman Desktop 3.21 can be changed with any of you, and all objects can call other programs. And if a topic at the talisman Desktop 3.21 you no longer like, do you just change it and try the next. By default supplied up to 12 themes for Talisman Desktop 3.21, and the offer is constantly expanding and new themes made available. The topics range from playful to futuristic, and you can change all your ideas and complement.

Then all screen events can be highlighted with individual sounds, of which a large number with Desktop 3.21 belongs to the standard of talisman. And of course you can include also your own sounds and make your system even more unique. This of course also applies to the taskbar as a part of the desktop. Any user can create its own taskbar with date and time, menu and icons in the talisman Desktop 3.21. The total freedom to design your own personal desktops, it will exist only once in the world!

Features of the talisman Desktop 3.21:

• Replacement for the Windows desktop
• Multiple topics available
• Individually configurable
• Applicable for multiple users
• Runs off with all Windows OS 9 x
• 30 Days free trial

About talisman Desktop 3.21

The talisman Desktop 3.21 is a product of the company Lighttek software and just one article from the portfolio of the company. The products are mainly engaged in individualization of surfaces as well as the graphics and multimedia. The company operates internationally and offering programs in different languages.

Description of the version: Talisman Desktop

In the current version of Talisman desktop have been fixed some bugs and added a new feature to the show or hide scrollbars. Talisman desktop replaces your standard Windows desktop, and with the variety of available themes you can make your desktop now more individual and unique. To come is a variety of icon sets, clocks, calendars, forms, and plugins - there are no limits to your creativity.

Features of the current version 3.21 of Talisman desktop

• New function to show or hide scrollbars
• Fixed some bugs of the previous version
• Many new themes for different resolutions available

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